6 thoughts on “The Toa Mata Band – Live in Prague

  1. I don’t know, seems like very loose definition of the word ‘robot’ – I’d call them ‘triggered motors’. I guess the thing moving sideways has movements guided by a computer and is therefore a very basic robot, but the other things banging away aren’t guided by a computer but triggered off/on – wouldn’t you need a task to perform other than being active or inactive to be deemed robotic? Otherwise are we saying a power drill is a robot if switched on of off by a computer? Rather than a power drill that is first made active, then given a logical task to perform, and then made inactive – like a CNC router, now that is a robot.

    1. I guess the next step would be to have improvised lines that are procedurally generated. And the term robot is taken from the word “robotnik” which means slave, so possibly any machine that physically does something for you automatically is a robot.

      1. robotnik actually translates to “worker”

        eg from the robots by kraftwerk:
        Ja tvoi sluga (= I’m your slave)
        Ja tvoi robotnik (= I’m your worker)

      2. I was thinking this, But I am split, as ‘robot’ has grown to mean something solid, and it is no longer just a vague concept from a phase coined inthe 1920’s. If we look at the modern definition: “A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer”. By that definition alone these things are far from being robots.

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