Buchla Intros New LEM Modular Systems


buchla-lem-modulesAt the 2015 NAMM Show, Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments introduced several new Buchla LEM systems:

  • BUCHLA LEM4 Snoopy
  • LEM 218 Music Easel style keyboard
  • Buchla LEM3 Spider

Here’s an introduction from Buchla engineer Jeff Vallier:


  • Buchla LEM4 Snoopy – $2,499
  • Buchla LEM218 – $1,599
  • Buchla LEM3 Spider – $2,999

The new Buchla LEM modular synthesizer systems are expected to be available within a few months.

13 thoughts on “Buchla Intros New LEM Modular Systems

  1. Made where though? If China, like i’m thinking, Buchla could lower the price by a couple hundred and sell a couple hundred more and be able to live a lot nicer.

  2. I love this as I would love a Buchla for my studio!! I’m ready….thanks Buchla for understanding there are those musicians out here that don’t have a hit or hits in the chart!!

  3. WTF!
    $1600 bucks for a freaking 2 octave keypad witch analog CV controls!!!
    I could whip something up like that using an Arduino for $50.

    There’s a few brands who have developed similar products in the lat 18 months, mass-produced for <$250.

    1. It is the price it is. I managed to get over the price and want the unit. I don’t get upset about pricing, making things onshore costs.

    2. Those controllers you speak of are gadgets and overpriced too considering the build quality.
      Some of them also have technical issues, CV outputs are unstable, whatever.
      Buchla products sometimes have issues too but they get solved and you’re making an investment to last close to a lifetime, or say 20 years. You’re not buying the next mass-produced toy that is going to be replaced by a new model in one or two years.

  4. Mick your completely missing the point of this system. The Buchla controller is one of the most expressive. This is a company that has put decades into producing controllers that are made for synthesisers. This is the absolute don, though I could myself only justify something like the new Verbos eurorack cv controller on price.

    1. Pretentious: “Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.” More a case of self delusion than pretending something else is the case. For example, as we understand more about the universe the likelihood of a God becomes unlikely to more people, but that doesn’t mean the laggards are pretending that God has a place in their life, they are simply deluding themselves. But I am being pretentious in this very post, and so are Buchla with their products and pricing – like an artist selling the odd painting for £500, he then prices his work at £5000 and still sells the odd painting, nothing wrong with that, but it is a pretentious act, by the definition stated herein.

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