New App, Audreio, Wirelessly Streams Audio Between iOS Devices

AudreioAudreio is a new app that streams uncompressed audio between iOS devices.

Using your existing router, Audreio streams audio from an Inter-App Audio (IAA) application on one device—or from the built-in mic—to another iOS device. The received audio can then be routed to the speaker or an IAA host.


  • Stream uncompressed audio between iOS devices
  • Broad compatibility – IAA/AudioBus2 apps (via AudioBus’s support for IAA)
  • Simple, elegant interfac
  • For a list of IAA compatible apps please visit the Audreio site.

Note: Requires iOS 7 or higher. Reliable streaming of uncompressed audio over wi-fi depends heavily on your router and network conditions. Audreio provides a setting to control the relation between latency and streaming performance.

Audreio is available for US $4.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Audreio, let us know what you used it for and how it worked for you.

7 thoughts on “New App, Audreio, Wirelessly Streams Audio Between iOS Devices

  1. Hi Mick, this first version only does one way, although we do have plans to do IAA FX at some point (i.e. bidirectional). You can sign up to our newsletter (in our website) or follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you care to get informed of any updates.

  2. Wow, this is something that I’ve been wanting since I first got Rebirth on my iPad. Flipping between apps to is one of the worst aspects of tablet music making, a real flow killer. Downloaded this and looking forward to testing it later on. Nice!

  3. Not the first apps to do that though. Apollo Recorder and Apollo SI have been around for a while and they work. There is also a beta of an Apollo SI VST plugin.

    1. Re: Latency— It really depends on many factors, but we’ve provided a setting that allows you to balance between latency and reliability based on your network conditions / environment. It could be as low as around 40 to 50ms under optimal conditions. Thanks!

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