Black Market Modular Colour Palette Promises To Unleash A Wave Of Eurorack Innovation


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Black Market Modular was previewing their Colour Palette platform – a new Euro module and open standard that could unleash a new wave of innovation in modular synth hardware. 

The Colour Pallette is a Eurorack module that can host three different effects, on cards that plug into the module’s back.

The ‘Colour’ cards are basically small PCBs that plug into the host module. These cards are expected to be very inexpensive – starting around $30. You’ll be able to select the Colour cards that you like and snap them to your Colour Palette module, creating a custom module, with three effects that can be used independently or in series.

Here’s a video introduction, via sonicstate:

The Colour cards should offer a low barrier to entry for potential manufacturers, because the host module provides the panel, knobs and basic electronics.

Developers don’t have to design and manufacture a panel, or source the knobs and connectors – they just need to create an interesting circuit design and manufacture the PCB.

It should even be a useful platform for DIY’ers, for creating custom modules. And, because it’s an open platform, there’s the possibility of a host module being developed for large-format modular synthesizers and other system formats.

The Colour Palette is expected to be available in March or April. Additional details are to come via the Black Market Modular site.

8 thoughts on “Black Market Modular Colour Palette Promises To Unleash A Wave Of Eurorack Innovation

  1. hey doods… if you had watched the video, he specifically said that it was inspired by, and is compatible with the color system from DIYRE.

  2. I actually worked closely with Peterson from DIYRE to develop the eurorack version. He approached me about the idea, and since he didn’t have the connections in the modular world, we decided that I would handle that side of it. Everything is forward/backward compatible….so if you have a 500 series Colour module it will work in the eurorack version of the Palette, and if you have a eurorack ColourCV module it will work in the 500 series Palette. DIYRE is also working on a 19″ rack version of the studio Palette that will hopefully come out this summer!

  3. imo this would be a lot more interesting if it went in the front. getting at the back of one module often means taking a few out, disconnecting power ribbons, making sure you re-attach everything.

    i’d consider giving up space for a “slot” separate from the module even. or maybe something in in horizontal rack format with a breakout cable.

  4. I’ll certainly be thinking of ways to reach more and more people…..but at the moment I have my hands full with just getting the eurorack version released!

    We found it relatively easy to pull the Palette module out of the rack while it’s plugged in and swap out the Colours on the back (of course you should turn off your power supply when doing this!). They “snap” in and out so easily that only need one hand free to do it. The guts of the Colour Palette you see in the Sonic State video are just the prototype. If you check out Peterson’s video of his 500 version, you will get a better idea of how quickly/easily you can change up your sound 🙂

    I might add that having the Colours in the front could be dangerous since you would have exposed transformers and circuits. There would be a lot of angry people if they shorted out their entire rig AND received a jolt of electricity to their hand….or tongue…..depending on how you make patches in the privacy of your own home

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