M-Audio Intros Code Series Keyboard Controllers


At the 2015 NAMM Show, M-Audio introduced its new Code Series control keyboards, available in 25-, 49-, and 61-key versions. 


  • Smooth-feel, semi-weighted keybed with aftertouch.
  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads with LED feedback .
  • Touch pad for X/Y axis control .
  • USB Bus powered for portability and ease of use.
  • 5 Pin MIDI Input, and Output jacks allowing you to control your favourite synths.
  • Assignable pitch & mod wheels, knobs, faders, buttons (with macro ASCII support), and transport control with Mackie Control and HUI modes.
  • Split keyboard with four assignable zones.
  • Expression and Sustain pedal inputs.
  • 6 digit LED display.
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite, AIR Music Technology Loom and Hybrid 3.

The Code Series will be available in May 2015, priced at £149.99 GPB for Code 25, £189.99 GBP for Code 49, and £229.99 GBP for Code 61. See the M-Audio site for more info.

19 thoughts on “M-Audio Intros Code Series Keyboard Controllers

    1. Watch out for M-Audio. Wait a while before buying this they have a history of not fixing bugs. Bugs so serious that it’s illegal for them in some countries to not take the product back even after a year. Things like obvious fabrication faults or just plain software bugs.

  1. Hmm. Aside from the Korg Taktile, Is anyone aware of a controller like this that has a sh*t -ton of knobs/sliders that will work on iPad power. I’m guessing this one does not.

    Aside from the location of pads this looks neat.

    1. You might take a look at the Novation Remote SL. According to the Taktile manual, it can use a USB mains power converter of 550mA or greater. The Novation Remote SL can work on 600mA or greater, so it might also be a good candidate for iPad direct connection, if that’s the kind of power the iPad delivers. The Remote SL is completely programmable for any MIDI code you could possibly need.

  2. I have to say that this is one tacky looking controller, one of the worst. That being said, I love maudio’s semi-weighted keyboards and the AIR softsynths would be nice additions to my other AIR stuff. So I may consider this one…

  3. Including an XY pad is always a nice move, but so would be a DJ slider, and I don’t see the point of main sliders on a midi controller – other than a main volume one, I’d much prefer 16 knobs – as that is how I end up mapping them mostly, and not for volume control. And I feel for me all pads need to have pressure today, put the placement of pads is awkwardly off putting like that Alesis V&VI range – that is where you put the xy pad. This is a good price for the level of control but is it so hard to ask people what they want from a midi controller and respond regarding the setup and placement of that, I ain’t asking for the world here, or the unusual – just a bit of thought.

    1. It doesn’t matter what kind of controllers they include, XY-pads, sliders. Not even the keyboard matters as a Plus if it isn’t a good quality one. I’ve had a numerious XY-Pads, both M-Audio and others, that just plain sucked. You had to press your finger so hard on them so you’d bleed before end of the gig.

    2. Knobs are absolutely no good for doing CC articulations on the fly as your playing chords for orchestration….the sliders are to control velocities and modulations and volumes and several other assignable CC’s for doing brass swells as your holding a 4 note chord down with the other hand….DJ’s probably don’t use them with the kind of work they do….

  4. Avid sold M-Audio to inMusic (owner of Alesis) a couple of years ago… about the time it takes for a product refresh I would guess. No surprise if the Alesis and M-Audio gear will have components in common including chassis.

  5. Well, I guess it’s a question of taste. Personally I really like the design with the sharp edges and corners. The keys look nice too. The pads on the left are fine. I do agree that it would make more sense to have the wheels below the pads though.

  6. I unfortunately purchased m-audio code25 to use with my Logic Pro X & MacBook Pro. code25 keeps crashing every 5-10 mins, stops sending midi messages, yet is all lit up. 1 star outta 5 stars. don’t waste your time or money on this if you’re using Logic Pro X

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