Free Bitwig Studio & Music Production Course

This series of videos, created by Brian Bollman, is a free video course on working with Bitwig Studio.

The comprehensive series, embedded above, is already up to 266 videos. It covers the ins and outs of Bitwig Studio, but also covers synthesis, the foundations of sound, audio interfaces, basic music theory, effects, production and more.

Here’s what he has to say about the series:

I hope that by making this course I can inspire people to make new and interesting music. The purpose of this introductory video is to give you guys an idea of what to expect from this course and provide you with the reasons for its creation. If you have any questions or comments please post them below or message me through the email found on the “about” page of this channel.

My goal is that we will all be able to help each other grow as artists, musicians, and people. There are no surprises and no catches. If anyone is willing to help me with this project please shoot me a comment or email. You won’t be paid and you probably won’t gain any recognition but that’s not the point. I’m hoping that by doing this we can get back to using the internet for what it was originally designed for (connecting with and helping other people).

I look forward to learning with anyone whose interested. Please purchase Bitwig or download the demo before you continue. I am in no way affiliated with Bitwig Studio.

You can view the series via the embed above or at Bollman’s Youtube page.

9 thoughts on “Free Bitwig Studio & Music Production Course

  1. Need to engage people more here, I think with online videos people want to just jump in, and not watch two 10min+ videos regarding your own ethos in a disregard for an educator getting paid for educating people – and then the focus goes onto general music production basics rather than using bitwig, I did skim to get this far in, but then just gave up.

      I can’t believe someone would take the time to put together such a comprehensive collection of videos this size for the greater good of musicians.

      It is freaking AWESOME.
      (Sorry, I get excited about cool shizzle.)

      Seriously, hats off to Mr. Bollman, you wonderful champion.
      The internet and world owes you heaps and countless hours of gratitude.

      Probably going to be a while before I get through even half of these, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first batch since I discovered on Monday.

  2. These videos are some of the most thorough Bitwig Studio tutorials I have found. I learned so much from just picking and choosing Brian’s videos related to what I needed to know. He does tend to talk quite a bit, but I just change the video speed to 1.5x and quickly get to what I need. Thanks Brian!

  3. Being disrespectful to people who offer paid services or turning down these companies is not the way to go. If somebody wants to work for free, then … fine. But one should respect that there are companies who invest a lot of time and money in order to create paid courses and they even take care that their employees can make a living. For sure most musicians who like to hear this “all must be free” talk would on the other hand love to sell their work if they had the chance to.

        1. But wouldn’t that mean everyone buying a DAW is paying for a course, if they need it or not, when all this information is but a search term away.

          1. You already pay for documentation, which quite often documents single items quite well but the processes on the other hand not so well.

  4. I think it’s great that someone took the time to create all of these tutorials. I really enjoy Bitwig’s interface and would like to move to it from logic if they ever add comping and multiple audio takes. Or at least Rewire so it’s easy to integrate with Logic.

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