Zivix Intros Jamstik+ and PUC+ With Bluetooth MIDI


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Chris Heille of Zivix introduced the updated Jamstik+ and PUC+ with Bluetooth MIDI support.

Bluetooth LE MIDI offers high performance, without sacrificing WiFi connectivity from your iOS devices. Users can be connected to any iOS device or Mac and still browse the web, or use web-based applications.


In addition to BTLE MIDI, the new jamstik+ boasts an improved picking system offering the user a “more authentic and natural picking experience” than before.

The Jamstik+ firmware and companion apps have been upgraded, allowing users more choices of instruments to play. (Those include a banjo, piano, harp and even a sitar.)

Users get instant feedback with an open play mode that shows finger position for several chords. Additional new features include one-touch octave, capo shifting and programmable D-pad.


The PUC+ also features Bluetooth MIDI connectivity.

In the past, the connection of multiple musical components required cables. The PUC+ offers connectivity without wires, and thus offers more options for mobility.

Additionally, the PUC+ boasts new features such as USB bi-direction and 5-Pin In or Out MIDI controllers for maximum versatility in a range of setups.

Pricing and Availability.

The Zivix jamstik+ and PUC+ will be shipping in the second quarter of 2015, at a suggested retail price of of $299.99 for the jamstik+ and $129.99 for the PUC+.  More information about the gear is available at jamstik.com and mipuc.com.

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