Moon Modular At NAMM 2015


At the 2015 NAMM ShowGert Jalass, creator of the Moon Modular synthesizer, introduced several new modules and a new cabinet option.

The Moon Modular line is a large-format modular synthesizer system, physically compatible with the classic Moog format (used by, Moog, Curetronic, Mos-Lab and others) and following the (-15/+15 volts) power standard.

While Jalass’s Moon Modular designs are inspired by vintage Moog modules, he builds on the original’s capabilities to create modern modules with classic style and usability. 


New modules include:

  • The 511D dual envelope generator (1st row at the very right, above), offers four parameters: attack time, decay time, release time and sustain level. The time parameters range from 1 ms to approx. 20 seconds. A gate button allows for manual triggering both envelopes. Two LEDs serve as indicator lamps for ’gate pulse present‘. 2 x 4 more LEDs light up during each stage of the envelope.
  • The 524A quad VCLFO assistant (3rd row 2nd module from the left) adds three additional waveform outputs to each of the four LFOs of the attached 524 module: sine, positive sawtooth, negative sawtooth. The four reset input jacks allow syncing of the LFO frequency to external sources as clock pulses, gates outputs etc. In gate mode each LFO can be gated by external signals.
  • The 501E Dual VCO expander (2nd module from the left on both 1st and 2nd row) adds more inputs and outputs to the M 501D dual oscillator. Ten output jacks provide the individual waveform outputs of oscillator 1 and 2: sine, sawtooth, triangle, rectangular and pulse. The four inputs expand both vcos by linear frequency modulation and hard sync.

moon-modular-namm-2015At the Show, Jalass also introduced a new ‘Moon Case’ cabinet option, right. It offers 2 rows of standard MU and one row of MU CP.  The CP-row matches the

Moog CP-height (5 5/8 in = 14,2875 cm).

Pricing (List price inside
the EU, incl. 19%
German VAT):

  • 511D dual envelope generator – 249 Euros
  • 524A quad VCLFO assistant – 198 Euros
  • The 501E Dual VCO expander- 147 Euros

Cabinet pricing ranges with sizing. See the Lunar Experience site for details.

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