Moscow Punk Techno Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance by Moscow punk-techno duo Interchain.

Interchain takes its inspiration from Detroit classics, early Bunker Records recordings, early ‘80s European underground, anarcho-punk and dark synthpop. According to Andrew Lee and Evgeny Gorbunov,” Moscow has become too consumed with sweet and cheerful music, overly proper and well-groomed, to expect revelations of it, meaning that Interchain aren’t so much in a position of protest as they are effectively kicking a relaxed listener up the backside.”

Technical details: Interchain uses Korg Electribe, Boss pedals, SP-404, Korg Volca mixing with ‘mystery voices and effects’.

via Andrei Swipe

9 thoughts on “Moscow Punk Techno Jam

    1. Great video! nice track arrangement, and it looks like they are having fun! The recorded sound could be better though, I think… It lacks bass, sounds like it was recorded through a filter or something. Hope to hear more from these guys.

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