Vermona Eurorack Modules At NAMM 2015

2015 NAMM Show: In this video, Thomas Haller from Vermona gives an overview of some new Vermona modular products.

The Vermona modules include:

  • a new modular case; and
  • the new twinCussion drum module, featuring tone generators from Vermona’s popular DRM1 analog drum synthesizer.
  • Several prototype utility modules and a prototype voltage-controlled overdrive module are shown, too.

Also along for the ride are the VERMONA*modular fourMulator quad modulation engine, the qMI quad MIDI interface and the TAI-4 transformer-isolated audio interface, along with the Vermona Mono Lancet and Mono Lancet Modular Dock.

Details on the new modules are to come via the Vermona site.

via Nova Musik

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