Carl Craig On Detroit & His Biggest Influences

In this short video interview, techno producer Carl Craig shares his thoughts Detroit, his musical influences and the first time he heard a synthesizer. 

The video is one is a series promoting Bloc 2015, being held March 13-15 near Bristol, England.

11 thoughts on “Carl Craig On Detroit & His Biggest Influences

      1. I am almost 50, heard magic fly by space in 77, got into electronic music as a result since then, if you dont think the detroit and chicago guys invented techno, please tell us when the term was coined?

  1. no credit for the music used. come on.. git with it. without the music there would be nobody to interview and nothing to talk about.

    so here it is…

    carl craig – falling up (third ear recordings)

  2. So why is it whenever I see a video of a famous producer and they have a Roland Juno in their setup, it’s almost always the 106? The nerds keep saying the 60 sounds better, has an arpeggiator, etc. but then you see a guy like Carl Craig with a 106. What is it about the Juno 106 that makes it the one they go for? This isn’t a criticism really, I’m just wondering what the disconnect is between the synth nerds and the famous producers. Can anyone here explain?

    1. Well, the Juno-106 sounds almost identical to the 60, and has MIDI. If I’m not mistaken, I think there were more 106 units produced, meaning that there are simply more of them out there.

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