IK Multimedia Updates iGrand Piano, iLectric Piano For iOS

ik-ilectric-ipad-pianoIK Multimedia has released updated versions of iGrand Piano for
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and iLectric Piano for iPad.

The apps now sport
a variety of new features:

  • Full compatibility with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio in iOS 8;
  • New instrument expansion libraries;
  • An improved user preset management system; and
  • iGrand Piano now includes the same semi-parametric
    equalizer included in iLectric Piano.

Pricing and Availability

The latest versions of iGrand Piano for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad and iLectric Piano for
iPad are available now as a complimentary update for existing users or for $19.99/€18.99 for new users.

The “Piano Expansion 2” for iGrand Piano and “Electric Piano Expansion 2” for iLectric Piano sound packs are available individually for $9.99/€9.99. A free version of iGrand Piano is also available.

3 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Updates iGrand Piano, iLectric Piano For iOS

  1. Would be nice if they removed the “ads on startup” feature too. I don’t like paying 20€ for an app and have it continuously nag me about buying their other apps.

  2. Yes! IK fix this advertising issue! You lose more customers than you attract with such built in 1950’s American Soap Powder advertisements. Sic. Buy me, buy me, buy me now 8-(

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