MST Eurorack Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter Demo

Low_Pass_Filter-150x500Synthrotek has introduced the MST Eurorack Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter – a collaboration with synth pioneer George Mattson.

The MST Low Pass Filter is a precision analog dual-slope output 2 & 4 pole filter. It offers simultaneous -12 DB and -24 DB outputs, with CV control over all parameters. It can also be used as a 1V/O sine wave oscillator.


  • Manual control of cutoff frequency
  • Manual Control of Resonance (Q)
  • 1V/O input for clean sine wave output
  • CV Frequency input w/ attenuator
  • Resonance CV input w/ attenuator
  • Audio input
  • Simultaneous -12 db and -24 db/octave outputs

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Current draw: V+ max 23.5mA, V- max 15.5mA
  • Width: 6HP Depth: 3.5cm (1.75 in)

The MST Eurorack Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter is available as a DIY kit for US $99.99 and assembled for US $164.99.

2 thoughts on “MST Eurorack Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter Demo

  1. I am no stranger to making kits, but $100 is steep. Also the instructions are incorrect they don’t answer emails and so I took my unusable piece of metal, desoldered all the parts and used it on my Erica synths kit which is an 84 HP bundle for under $200 and has a MIDI-CV, TWO VCOs, TWO EGs, one VCF, one LFO, one VCA, and one Output.

    I did successfully build the MST Unity Gain Mixer by SynthRotek so I’m not completely writing off the company. I personally will never buy their kits again though.

    Here is the video I made of the Unity Gain Mixer build if you’re interested in what exactly comes with the kit and the procedure to build it as well as the quality (FYI: the manual said it’s used to mix triggers and CV, not Audio signals. At the end of the video you can see me mixing 9 different audio signals just fine):

    “Synth-Rotek Unity Gain Mixer DIY Kit Build by Danny Sebahar”-

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