Elektron Overbridge Update

This video, via Nova Musik, captures an update from Cenk, aka Dataline, on Elektron Overbridge

Overbridge is Elektron’s first foray into computer software and will be a free add-on for Analog Four, Analog Keys and Analog Rytm.

The key features of Overbridge are:

  • Full VST/AU control – essentially the ability to treat your Elektron hardware like plug-ins – over the compatible products;
  • bi-directional USB audio streaming at 24-bit quality; and
  • total recall of analog sounds and sequences, where settings for your Elektron hardware are automatically recalled along with your DAW project.

Availability for Elektron Overbridge is to be announced.

21 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge Update

    1. Seriously. It’s awesome for these three units, but would make the OT infinitely more useable. If they manage to put out an Overbridge OT, I will buy it in an instant.

      1. To all OT owners: you have my sympathy, just don’t expect Overbridge to apply to OT ever. For Overbridge to work it requires that certain hardware parts are present on the device. A4, Akeys and ARytm have those hardware parts. OT doesn’t. EOF

        1. Don’t care about overbridge, I don’t do anything but mix on a computer. I would much rather they focus on things like MIDI scenes and freaking PRE-EFFECT MUTES on the octatrack before any kind of integration anyway. Any sign that the OT is not in development limbo, really.

  1. Elektron really has become the bad ass hardware company for electronic music. They seem to really understand their market and bring awesome products for affordable prices. Everyone I know who is into doing live PA gigs owns at least one of their pieces.

    1. Not gonna lie… ever since getting the RYTM, I look at all my old-school analog gear like they’re ‘Grandpa.’ I am now selling most of my stuff, getting a Monomachine, Sub37, and Prophet 6. Embracing the second coming of a SYNTHESIZER MARKET! As someone else said “It’s a great time to be alive.”

  2. so, it’s an editor with VST integration ? What about Monomachine and Machinedrum ? Someone says “electron is badass and understand it’s market”. I dont agree. I want vst integration to edit from my Mac. Some will spit at me saying that i miss the Elektron point of hardware (but their editing and menus is a pain). Well, if that was the case, why then do over bridge ? And if it could look at old machines, then all the best.

  3. This feature for the A4 and AR seal the deal for me. It was difficult to decide which Elektron box or boxes to get, but now I’m getting both A4 and AR. I’ve been looking to get back to OTB composition lately. Since selling my MPC and rack gear in 2004 I’ve been entirely ITB. The music is good, but the process isn’t always inspiring or motivating.
    Being able to jam a track live and record the stems easily into my DAW, with a couple other synths going through Elektrons’ external inputs is appealing. It allows me to get back to my old way of composing while also retaining the mix recall and ITB mixing for polished tracks that I’ve become accustomed to. Exciting stuff.

    I hope the A/D conversion is solid. I imagine the converters to be the same A/D converters used for the digital FX, just re-allocated from fx duties to Overbridge duties.

  4. Elektron are ducking shit, great ideas but poorly executed. If you’ve owned the hardware the encoders are plastic , the build quality is total shit for the price they ask. I wanted an OT but having owned all the others before mnm and md I just thought fuck the rip off wankers. They give you a three year warranty because it’s cheap electronics in a metal case, they want you to pay for the Dsp programming. I’m done with them anyway I’m only saying this to warn other people and hopefully people at elektron wake the fuck up and start using quality encoders and go back to bigger screens I mean wtf menu dicing on the a4 is a serious joke I don’t care how good the DSp effects are for that money two iPads and some midi co trollers and your wetting down on this bollocks.

    1. Sorry, man. I have owned one for like half a year now, and it is a badass device with a high quality build. Even the complaints people have about the pads not being sensitive enough, or too sensitive, I actually like these pads better than any other ones I’ve used.

      Sorry you had a bad experience with it, but it’s definitely not “shit.” It is a quality machine with quality sound. Even just tossing a basic sample library into it and working the RYTM’s magic with the Overdrive, Filter, Parameter Locks, and Compressor… works fantastically. YMMV but to just call it “shit” that’s just silly.

  5. well – it’s near the end of March and it is still damn quiet about the overbridge! I guess that Elektron just overreached themselves with this. It is announced since ages and takes forever to deploy. I already gave up seeing a working beta this year. For the time beeing i am lurking around with the missing machines on the AR and all the Bugs that dont get addresses at the moment – because of the development of the vaporware that is the Overbridge …

  6. i am patiently awaiting Overbridge. Being able to control and integrate all my drum patterns from the AR is a massive benefit. I don’t have to record audio via my Focusrite Scarlett. Big saving of time! Elektron should provide updates. Something is better than nothing.

  7. WTF!!!?
    Please tell us something new! This is insufferable.
    How do they release a video showing Cenk playing with Overbridge, then disappear for like 3 months without so much as a word…. 🙁

    It’d be nice if they gave a monthly update at least!
    Something like:
    ‘March: Sorry for the wait guys! Overbridge is still working out some kinks!’
    ‘April: Just a little longer! Stay tuned!’

    Heck, I’d be happy with just SOME information. But it seems like developers seem to do this all the time. Just disappear for long periods of time without a word.

    Sorry, I’m just getting impatient! I want to transfer audio via USB already! Free up some ports.

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