Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers ‘Eurorack Drum Machine’

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Pittsburgh Music’s Richard Nicol demonstrated how you can create a custom drum machine using their Eurorack modules.

The demo is not meant to highlight a particular module or new product, but rather to show how you can used modular synthesis to create an analog drum machine with its own, unique sound.

The first half of the video features Nicol explaining the patches, and the second half is an audio demo.

Featured Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers modules include:

  • Chain Reactor chaotic waveform generator
  • TimeRunner logical pattern generator
  • Analog Replicator analog delay
  • DNA Symbiotic Waves digital processing oscillator
  • Phase Shifter 16-stage analog phaser
  • LPG triple-mode lopass gate
  • Toolbox multi-purpose module
  • Filter multi-mode filter
  • Dual VCA voltage-controlled amplifier/mixer
  • Envelope multifunction envelope generator
  • ADSR four-stage envelope generator
  • Mixer multifunction utility module

You can get details on Pittsburgh Modular’s systems at their site.

via Nova Musik

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