The Iconic Sounds Of Vangelis For Novation Mininova

sounds-of-vangelis-mininovaSynthonia has introduced a new sound library for the Novation Mininova, The Iconic Sounds Of Vangelis.

The library features 25 timbres, programmed for the Novation Mininova/Ultranova synthesizers, inspired by the music of Vangelis.

Here’s an audio demo that uses the sound library:

The Iconic Sounds Of Vangelis:

  • V-Alpha Lead.syx
  • V-Alpha Pizz..syx
  • V-Alpha Pluck.syx
  • V-Antarctica.syx
  • V-B.R.Bass.syx
  • V-B.R.Blues.syx
  • V-B.R.Flute.syx
  • V-BassPedal.syx
  • V-Blade Runner.syx
  • V-Bounty Bass.syx
  • V-Chariots
  • V-Chariots Seq..syx
  • V-Dervish D.syx
  • V-Dervish Lead.syx
  • V-E.Piano.syx
  • V-Enfant Pluck.syx
  • V-Hymn.syx
  • V-Laser Efx..syx
  • V-NinaPintaS.M..syx
  • V-Spiral Lead.syx
  • V-Spiral Poly.syx
  • V-Spiral Seq..syx
  • V-Spiral Seq.2.syx
  • V-Swoosh Efx..syx
  • V-VP330 Strings.syx

Note: Synthonia uses ‘SynthCoins’ for payment at its site. SynthCoins are available at the site at the exchange rate of 10 SynthCoins for 10 Euro. The sound library is available for 12 ‘SynthCoins’ at the Synthonia site.

via gridsleep

17 thoughts on “The Iconic Sounds Of Vangelis For Novation Mininova

    1. Actually if you look at the prices, they’re pretty normal for any online shop. But if you take more than 50 synth coins you actually end up paying less.
      On a 2000€ synth that could add up to several hundreds euros saving.

  1. “SynthCoins”, that was a good way for me to click on the site and then immediately leave. They must have a near 100% bounce rate. People don’t have time to convert USD into EURO and then into ‘SynthCoins’. lol. So, people have no idea what the price is. Show it in a currency that people can quickly understand..

  2. You’d think they would, you know, actually look up the word they want to name their website after first, too. Synthonia is totally a thing already, and well… let’s just say that both synthonias smell real bad.

  3. I just thought it sounded nice (as opposed to the more usual Space4Keys Jordan Rudess/Dream Theater bootlicking.) I really don’t care about all this economic controversy. I don’t think it’s the point. This chintzy little monotimbral synth puts out sound rivaling a CS-80. I think it’s a right celebration of Novation technology.

    1. Well it’s all theoritical now anyway. If you actually try to add something to your cart, an error pops up and the website won’t load again until you clear your cookies ‘and similar technologies.’ Indeed.

    1. Yeah, this looks like a situation where he could come after them for using his name, like Kraftwerk did a few years ago against a company that made a Krafwerk sound library.

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