Ableton Live 9.2 Now Available In Beta


Ableton has announced that Live 9.2 is now available for beta testing.

Ableton Live 9.2 is a free update brings a number of significant improvements and additions to both Live and Push. It is available now for download as a public beta version.

Here’s what’s new in Live 9.2:

Improved warping

Live 9.2 introduces several refinements to Live’s audio warping engine. The Complex and Complex Pro modes now feature punchier transients, even at extreme settings. We’ve also improved Auto-Warp and downbeat detection to better recognize when audio has a fixed tempo (as is often the case with electronic music) and warp it accurately.

Latency compensation

Live 9.2 also introduces a number of latency-related improvements. Sets that contain Max for Live devices or third-party plug-ins now have lower latency. And automation is now fully latency compensated.

Tuner included

Along with further under-the-hood improvements, Live 9.2 also comes with a new Tuner device – sure to come in handy for guitarists or anyone else who uses hardware instruments.

64 pads for Push users

For users of Push, the Live 9.2 update introduces the ability to use all 64 pads to play drums and quickly flip back to 16 pads for step sequencing.

Here’s a performance by Mad Zach, using all of Push’s pads:

Further Push refinements

The Live 9.2 update also brings improved aftertouch implementation to Push’s pads and the addition of aftertouch to many of Live’s core library sounds. In addition, Push’s touchstrip can now be used for modulation wheel control as well for pitch bend.

Ableton Live 9.2 is available for download now as a public beta

57 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9.2 Now Available In Beta

    1. LOL…seriously, that’s it?
      I’ve been waiting for what seems like ages, and not a peep from Ableton until now.
      This is hardly news.

      Alright Bitwig, take my money!

  1. Interesting performance by Mad Zach. It was so reminiscent of something that could have been the start of a Thomas Dolby song that I kept expecting the lyrics to start any second. But like most sample type club music it was more like an intro that never ends. There was that smidgen of Lux Aeterna at the end there, so I’m wondering if anyone at MGM heard it. Some people are really touchy about that kind of thing.

    1. You realise a vast majority of electronic music suffers the same “problem”? Composing interesting melodies is a difficult process, and many “electronic music producers” can’t do this, even if they’re good at producing.

      1. there is something to learn though from people who work with limited knowledge – sometimes it is easy to get bogged down with theory and composition – we wouldn’t have punk or hip hop or blues if those responsible for starting it were trained. I find that even though it is better to have the knowledge than not – a lot of times it takes forgetting the rules in order for me to get the juices flowing

        1. I never suggested one must “follow rules”, simply that a vast amount of so-called producers are very capable at producing, sound design, arrangement, mixing etc but are simply quite inadequate at composing interesting melodies. Nothing to do with following rules, it comes down to ability.

  2. Not interested until they add loop & sampler controls (loop, fade, length etc) to clips. You can do everything you want but cross fade a clip. Why not?

    don’t they realize how much of a pain it is to use midi for looped audio? Not to mention trying to keep it in audio and hiding the tails under re-verb, delay etc?

    Live itself is the most creative sampler in the world, baring this one thing.

    1. Interesting comment!
      I’m curious about exactly how you picture this working. You want crossfade when you go from one clip to the next? The is a little standard crossfade already, but you want more options? What does the loop-control do? And the other things? Is there another software that does this the way you want it? I’m asking because you obviously have some experience that makes you say this, but I don’t understand the problem. You can edit crossfades in arrange, but I guess that’s not what you are after…

    2. Yea… I’m not really sure what you mean. I’m assuming you mean from session view.

      1) Loop (this CAN be triggered on or off via midi on the clip, and it’s frequency changed via midi or automation)
      2) Fade (They have basic “click” fading, but you can crossfade two clips by having both clips on separate channels (think two decks) and setting one to A and the other to B, and then use the manual crossfader. Do you want this to automatically happen when you trigger a clip? You can use ClyphX triggers to automate a fade out and fade in another track when you trigger one.
      3) Again, clip length can be automated via midi on the clip window.

      You can also toss a sample in to sampler/simpler and get all this stuff using different methods; the above ways are just how you would do it with simple audio clips on the session view.

    3. actually the one clip thing that I would like is tail- to be able to let the clips work polyphonic with a release tail so that you can let a clip go out for so many reps while you bring in a new one in the same channel w/o making the long convoluted cloned channels to keep the effects or pan or crossfade settings

      1. Oh thing in front of that! my bad, I thought you were talking about the rack unit on top the manley. I really don’t know what that little box in front is!

  3. – I really hope they updated the browser!
    – It would be awesome to have an “Enable/Disable All” Button in the Input and Output Config
    – To be able to sync clips with clips in timeline somehow would be nice as well

      1. You can create plugin folders by creating a folder and sub folders. With the organization you want. Inside these folders put SHORTCUTS to your original plugins. Now point Ableton to the top level shortcut folder.

  4. Nice Update, just tried it out. Now im still waiting for the levelmeters and other related graphics working synchron to audio, if you have to use higher samplebuffers while mixing bigger projects…

  5. Doing a great job with this. Love the software but I have a few minor issues. I just feel the basic instruments have been neglected a bit. Seems ironic that the Sampler in Ableton still doesn’t have a time stretch mode. Love the little Analog synth, but be nice if it had a big brother, stop me looking elsewhere for other sounds a bit less. Routing chains in between devices would be a dream – you can setup up racks of either a midi device, instruments or FX. And sometimes I have a rack of each and start thinking it would be nice to route the 2nd chain of the MIDI rack, into the 3rd chain of the instrument rack, and then into the 1st chain of the FX rack – instead of building these complex sounds from scratch on a new track. And some spectral and stereo tools would be great. All I guess minor issues I can work around, but I’d be able to work 100% in Ableton if these things get addressed – otherwise, like I said, great job.

  6. I wish they would make some control for audio input while recording. Just give me some type of interface when you arm an audio track. Give me control of which input source and if I want to monitor it through ableton or not…
    Huge pain to have to set it up with the mouse every time, especially if I am moving from one synth to another, it can kill it for me…

  7. and will you ever remove the prohibition of running multiple program instances was it was possible in earlier versions of live? That was the onlly workaround for the biggest drawback in live that cant open multiple projects .. working on albums and livesets is a pain this way..

    Than the retard midi implementation.. now in year 10 of its development as well as some other few hundred design failures and iinconsitencies..

    And.. and dont start with the brown henke dither sound isssues that have returned in liv 9.1x..

    However..good to see that somebody is still working at ableton but you are still the number one contender for vision free daw development and organized morionism award.. ..But great that latency compensation gets now on the level other daws had reached in the last century.. However.. i must say that the latency is really the smallest problem of your daw.. When it dont bothers evil 3phase it shouldnt bother easy to work around to make a drama about that.. But whats is with screwed midi recordings? bad sync abilitys? and most important all the workflow and perfoormance issues that make finalizing projects in ableton such a nightmare.? Except the features you stole took from opcode studio vision and sonic foundrys acid you have an allmost zero development of own usefull features and tactics that support music production.. And all waht the program is good for was there in version 1.0 allready but you wasnt able to build up on that- That happens when somebody steals other peoples inventions but is not an inventor himself.. just fixing little things.. no improovment for the big picture.. Employes start an own company to get it at least a little further.. Its only thanks to your moronic user base that you ws able to thrive on this performance. 16 years of development.. look at the dierence between live 1.0 and live 4.0.. and than at the difference between live 4.0 and live 9.2…. IS such a development politics close to fraud on the userbase? Arteficially slowed down to extend the livecycle of halfready product over more than one decade? And how is it possible that latency compensation was on NO1 on your problems list.. Seriously, What an unholy mixture..
    A development team without own vision about what a cool daw could be comes together with a moronic newb userbase that is not able to find harshest audio engine bugs during your public betas and has a wishlist agenda that prioritises custom skins and good pro sounding technical terms over real workflow enhancing or performance stabilizing features . Missing features and design flaws you cant work around. At least you dont ask another 100 euro for that update. But as it looks when will have to pay you that fee a few times more before we see functioning , time coherent , full midi implementation with workable editor grafics and support of multiple project instances.. i dont start with working timecode..we dont need that on a toy daw. But..hurray..they are still alive.. the snail race continues. however.. 10 years and still no working midi.. !!! just compare what companies like opcode, c-lab, steinberg, dr t and so on have reached within 5 years back in the time where coders still was supposed to geniuses.. you got surpased on the c-64 already just 2 years after the introduction of the midi standard !.. not bad to extend such a development level to 10 years.. You are the number 1. And please quit lying about your audio performance.. that irritates young people and forces them to become morrons that dont trust theire senses which is a bad state for music makers..

    1. wow bro. take a breath. its a free update.

      as far as multiple windows, u can drag drop anything from projects using finder (os browser). everything else, i can barely decipher. and check ur meds bud.

    2. Have you considered using a different DAW? I seems that you are getting wound up by consistently using software that you don’t like? It appears at a glance that the problem doesn’t really reside with Ableton, but within your own determination to use something you don’t like using?!

  8. Possible to have mixer faders to have readouts of actual level, where it is at? (I know there is a peak readout) Great for knowing where you are and resetting external faders quickly when jumping from one set to another during a concert.

    1. Do you mean the level of the faders?
      If you drag the horizontal bar just over the fader you can make them bigger, a little box with the level written in will appear. You can use it also for finer control of the fader clicking and dragging, or to input number from keyboard.

  9. But still no option to disable the abominable, unreliable browser?

    I’m still on 8. I point “user location 3” to a folder with all my patches, racks etc. Simple, effective. I don’t see a way of doing this on 9, which has made me reluctant to switch. Not to mention reports of excessive drive access due to the browser indexing.

  10. They did nothing during so many years.
    No update, no maintenance …
    Ableton shame : they are just scared by Bitwig now.
    The serious battle will start when Bitwig will open its modular environment to the public, as they officially announced from the beginning.
    => Go Bitwig now if you on’t need Max4Live today.

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