Tangerine Dream Is Dead; Long Live Tangerine Dream

tangerine-dream-froese-franke-baumannEdgar Froese – the creative soul of the influential electronic group Tangerine Dream for the last 48 years – died in January.

Now Froese’s son, Jerome Froese – who was part of the group for more than 15 years – has announced that Tangerine Dream is dead, too.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Jerome Froese makes clear that his father was the soul of Tangerine Dream, and that the group should not carry on without him:

Regarding Tangerine Dream: In the past I got asked so many times if I would carry on the TD torch or if I would continue with TD when Edgar retires and so on and my answer was always: NO!

And I’ll keep it that way.

Therefore, I won’t support (or merge with) any kind of wannabe lineups, not now nor in the future. No tributes, no reunions, no further concerts under the name “Tangerine Dream”.

People who know me in person also know that “opportunism” and “chumming up” are characteristics that I deeply abominate.

Tangerine Dream was my Dad and my Dad is dead and so is Tangerine Dream.

While Tangerine Dream is dead, Froese says new music is on the way from Loom, his group with Robert Waters and former TD member Johannes Schmoelling.

“We’re very optimistic to finish our second studio album,” he adds, “in late spring / early Summer 2015.”

12 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Is Dead; Long Live Tangerine Dream

  1. Dam, geeks are having a real bad week, all these good artist and mr star trek himself
    Oh so lowly are us.
    Hope and fare tiding to those who left and their loved ones

  2. Tangerine Dream is not dead. I respect Jerome’s feelings regarding this decision. Tangerine Dream’s music will always be alive in each and every listener, fan, devotee, and other spirits.

  3. I very much respect his decision. He could easily carry on under that name, carry the torch and all that. Letting it end with his father’s passing and striking out on his own direction is a good move. Class.

    1. “He could easily carry on under that name”

      I doubt he could. If you watch things closely there is a divide between former members of the last years, EF’s second wife and management on one side, and him on the other.

      Management announced some interesting things that Jerome may be alluding to: “Band members” (whoever that is, EF had just fired most of them) are going to do “tribute concerts” and continue as some kind of TD related band.

      And EF’s second wife is going to edit the already finished (and pre-sold) biography by EF (before that it was stated that EF “didn’t want a single word changed”).

      So I doubt JF could continue under the name TD without EF having left the rights explicitly to him and against the other faction (including official webshop).

  4. I agree. Jf should initialize an new EB and help preserve the memory of EF and TD.

    HD! And sorry MC. Just couldn’t resist.



  5. This means that Jerome Froese is not returning to TD, not that TD is dead. Maybe he inherits the rights to the band name and it can no longer be used, who knows. IMHO, TD died a long time ago when the music mutated into uninspiring elevator muzak from the original creative genius of the 70s and early 80s (thats just my opinion, don’t freak out because of it).

  6. bands forget sometimes, yes they made the music,and yes it was brilliant, but it’s still the faithfull fans who keep them going, EF was a master, and the rest of the band all very talented and gifted, gave TDs music old and New, the life that EF wanted,I’m sure EF would have loved them to carry on spreading his great music around the world.

  7. Tangerine Dream is my favorite music group. I am so sorry to hear about Edgar Froese passing. I will cherish their music for the rest of my life. Tangerine Dream is the best and I will always love it!

  8. I think that a Baumann/Franke led trio would get fans out in droves. The Froese led lineup had been on cruise control for over 20 years

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