Spirit Reverb Spring Reverb For Mac, Windows

Aegean Music has introduced Spirit Reverb – an audio plug-in designed to create spring reverb and digital reverb effects.

Spring reverbs can be adjusted for different numbers of springs and different spring parameters affecting length, tone, and texture. Tube preamp simulation gives an authentic vintage spring reverb tone as harmonics and nonlinearities were important factors in vintage spring reverb units.

Spirit Reverb can also do totally original effects, such as the Cosmic reverb type, which is generally set like an echo effect and causes a swelling frequency sweep trail.

All effects have a parametric EQ that can be used either after the effect, or on the wet signal only. Stereo spread effects provide an even more big and spacious reverb which can be dialed to the desired width in “Mono to Stereo” mode.


  • 7 Spring and Digital Reverbs
  • Stereo Spread/Delay Effects
  • Frequency Sweeping Efffects
  • Tube Preamp Simulation
  • Parametric EQ
  • Customizable Control Panel
  • MIDI Automation Capability
  • Convenient Preset Templates

Spirit Reverb is available now for Mac & Windows for US $40.

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