EKR490 Strings Machine For Kontakt Inspired By Classic Elka Rhapsody 490

EKR490_GUIAudioThing has introduced EKR490 – a new virtual instrument, inspired by the sound of the classic Elka Rhapsody 490 strings machine.

EKR490 features two main sounds, Strings and Violoncello, and a combination of the two, which is slightly different than just mixing both sounds together. This synth was used by many artists, including Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and Vangelis.

Here’s an audio demo:


  • 2 Kontakt Instruments (.nki): tuned and original
  • Envelope: Attack, Release
  • Effects: 12dB/oct LP filter and Reverb
  • 147 Samples (44.1kHz / 24Bit)
  • Formats: Kontakt 4 and WAV

Pricing and Availability

EKR490 is available for the introductory price of €12 / $14 until March 16th, 2015, normally €14 / $16.50.

2 thoughts on “EKR490 Strings Machine For Kontakt Inspired By Classic Elka Rhapsody 490

  1. Someone needs to make an iPad app that can just consume these sorts of libraries and work out a deal with makers to split the IAP price. A simple multi-sample player with a decent-not-amazing filter, AMP ADSR and one LFO for AMP (and perhaps pitch). BS-16i is there and handles all of the above but no one releases these sorts of things as soundfonts and it doesn’t have an IAP infrastructure.

    I’d love this but don’t own Kontact and rarely use my laptop to make music these days anyway. I know I’m still in the minority.

  2. I’d been looking for a vintage string machine for a while. I had never heard of the Rhapsody 490 until about a month ago, when I bought a used one for $200 CAD.

    By today’s standards it is quite limited in terms of the variety of sounds in can produce – but it sounds beautiful, and unlike anything else.

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