Steinberg Intros UR242 4×2 USB 2.0 Audio Interface


Steinberg has introduced the UR242 – a 4 input, 2 output USB 2.0 interface, with 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality and on-board DSP-powered effects. 

Here’s the official intro video:


  • 24-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface
  • 2 Class-A D-PRE mic preamps supporting +48 V phantom power
  • 2 combo inputs with PAD (Hi-Z switch on input 1), 2 TRS line inputs, 2 TRS line outputs and headphones jack with independent level control
  • Latency-free DSP powered monitoring with REV-X reverb, Channel Strip and Guitar Amp Classics (VST 3 plug-in version also included)
  • dspMixFx editor application for Windows, OS X and iPad
  • MIDI input and output
  • Rugged full-metal housing
  • Loopback function for streaming performances live to the Internet
  • Includes Cubase AI DAW software download version
  • Cross-platform compatibility for Windows, OS X and iPad (with Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/Lightening to USB Camera Adapter)

The Steinberg UR242 is priced at US $249.99. The UR242 will globally be available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop by the end of March, 2015.

14 thoughts on “Steinberg Intros UR242 4×2 USB 2.0 Audio Interface

  1. Yesterday was thinking about new soundcard to replace my Fasttrack mk2, and was searching for something between UR22 and UR44. Now I see this article. Can’t wait to get one!

    1. keep in mind a usb 3.0 requires allot of power of system too.
      in a portable environment that can be a downside
      plus there is cost of 3.0 parts

  2. Otter, USB 2.0 is still used because it has more than enough bandwidth to support the minimal number of ins and outs on devices such as this. Using USB 2.0 means that it is still compatible with the large number of computers out there that don’t yet have USB 3.0 onboard, and those that do.

  3. Looks like it’s positioned somewhere in between the UR22 and the UR44. Same amount of inputs, two more outputs than the UR22 and adds the DSP FX. Also the UR22 has bus power, while the UR242 requires an adapter.

    I would just go for the UR44, which has more inputs and outputs for just a bit more money than the UR242. Makes more sense.

    I own a UR44, and I’m really happy with it, sounds great. the Yamaha D-Pre preamps are amazing and the AD/DA converters seem top notch.

  4. All these sound cards and all I actually want is four line ins (I don’t need pad, hi-z or phantom power), four outs and midi i/o, iOS compliant, that’s it…

    …but can I find one? :-/

    1. Thank you for saving me the trouble of making this joke/reference.

      It crosses my mind every time I see the name of this product!

  5. Can this be powered by usb alone? Or must it be plugged into power before it’s powered and works? I know the ur22 is powered by usb, but I’m confused about the ur242 because it has the usb and 5v power too.. so can it also be powered by usb alone?

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