MIDI LE For Windows Beta Now Available. Do You Want Bluetooth Support, Too?


Developer Matthias Frick let us know that MIDI LE for Windows is now available as a beta. 

MIDI LE is a free set of apps that let you route MIDI over USB between your iOS device and computer.

MIDI LE for Windows is being made available for beta testing, which means that it is a ‘pre-release’ version. Here’s what Frick has to say about that:

There are still a few bugs, but so far, those few who have tested the closed beta mainly reported positive results.

There are a few hurdles however, like installing a special (32 Bit) iTunes version (due to issues introduced with iTunes 12.1) as well as Tobias Erichsen’s loopMIDI Software, all of which is linked on the MIDI LE for Windows landing page.

See the MIDI LE for Windows page for details.

If you give MIDI LE for Windows a try, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

Frick also is wondering if there’s interest to merit supporting MIDI over Bluetooth for Windows:

I’m wondering about the interest in MIDI over Bluetooth for Windows. It seems fairly easy to implement on Windows 8.1 and I guess I could provide some basic functionality to send MIDI Data between Windows 8.1 and iOS Devices over Bluetooth, similar to how its done on the Mac.

But seeing this will only work with Windows 8.1 I was wondering how many people are actually on 8.1 and have a Bluetooth LE/4.0 compatible computer (although this might be easy to realise with a cheap Bluetooth-USB Stick).

If you’re a Windows user, let Frick know what your thoughts and requirements would be for MIDI over Bluetooth support!

15 thoughts on “MIDI LE For Windows Beta Now Available. Do You Want Bluetooth Support, Too?

  1. YES! Excited to give this a try.

    In terms of BT functionality, I would say that the most important thing to me is the wired, *low latency* connection. Making that as good as possible is my main desire for the product.

    I have a couple old machines that I may still use for music, but my new machine is Win8.1. I would definitely give BT a shot. If it is more robust than WiFi, and has relatively low latency I may be interested in using it. But wired is my priority right now. Power+low latency+simple setup.

    Thanks so much for your hard work. Looking forward to using this.

  2. When I try to install loopmidi my os (windows 7) give me an error like “here is a version of this software installed”. I can’t find the driver to manually delete it. Somebody have a similar issue?

  3. I’ve been hoping you would get this to work for windows. I would love to have it working over Bluetooth, but if the latency is too noticeable, it’s probably not worth it. Thanks for this.

  4. Apparently Windows 8.1 will not connect to iOS devices, because of a crappy implementation of the BLE stack (it worked with one of my Arduino boards though) – so the whole project is probably a no-go till Microsoft fixed their Bluetooth stack.

  5. I can give nothing but support and praise to Matthias and his efforts. I run OSX, and have different iOS devices from an old ipad1 to iPad mini (7.06 unfortunately), to iPhones 1-6+, he has been totally on top of things, emailed me personally to see how it was going etc… This guy is a class act, working hard, cares, and is cool as frack. Respect.

  6. If this works with no latency over standard USB cable on Windows 7 it would be perfect. Do I need to have iTunes installed on my computer? I refuse to install that on my windows DAW.

  7. Guess I’m late getting to this thread. I see that posts are almost a year old now (now is 02/04/16). Have there been any advances in Windows based MIDI over BT 4.0 LE? I want to be able to send MIDI data from a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (with integrated BT 4.0 LE) running Win10 and using MIDI jukebox software to something like a puc+ connected to the MIDI input on the front end of a modern, MIDI based player piano. Obviously in this setup, latency is a non-issue. Player piano systems are mostly stuck in the MIDI or analog MIDI playing from a CD generation. Very low tech to be sure. At least one company has a Wi-Fi based system but it isn’t really geared to play external MIDI files, they mostly want you to purchase their content. Any BT advances in this arena would be greatly appreciated!! – Regards, Greg

  8. Another late arriver. I’m interested in the Bluetooth aspect, and for my application, latency is not an issue either. I use an HP Stream 7 to control program changes in my live synth rig. Currently, I use a USB hub with USB connections to both keyboards. But the Stream 7 does not allow charging while devices are plugged in to the USB port, so after a few hours, my battery is dead. I’m hoping to move to MIDI over Bluetooth so the charger can be plugged in. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  9. I too am very interested in this. my application is a little different however.

    Yamaha release their midi over bluetooth LE dongle with IOS/OSX support a few weeks ago. It works by plugging into the midi port of a midi device. In my case a yamaha WX5 windcontroller and a roland A-500pro keyboard. Works like a champ on my ipad running a variety of synths on the ipad.

    I would really like this to work with windows, using the same devices.

    the dongle is ‘seen’ by the BT stack on windows 10. I tried pairing it but it won’t pair. once paired I was thinking that your app and the loopMIDI virtual MIDI ports might be made to work with SONAR or Ableton LIVE….

    Anyway, yes I’m interested, and I would have time to test things out for you with my hardware setup..

    Keep up the great work!

    Phil Kemp
    [email protected]

  10. I am very interested in Midi BLE for windows, as I also have the yammy dongles. I use midi triple play on surface pro 3 with win 8/kore2 etc. I know its old software etc but there has been nothing to take its place unfortunately. So having the ability to have te midi loop provide a port for the bluetooth connection would be ideal. Its mainly for transmitting from pod hd500 midi foot commands eg sustain etc…so latency is not a great issue (as long as its not super big) but i would be happy to donate some cash to push the cause along 🙂

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