Bastl Instruments Intros 10 New Eurorack Modules


Bastl Instruments has introduced a new line of 10 Eurorack modules.

These Bastl modules are designed to be compact and to complement each other so they can form unique and self contained modular musical instrument.

Here’s a demo by HRTL on a 95HP Bastl modular:

Here’s what Bastl has to say about the new Euro modules;

We gave a lot attention to the look of the modules which come with printed oak front panels, custom handmade knobs and graphic layout by Anymade studio.

All the modules are produced and handmade in Brno, Czech republic. Because they consist entirely of thru-hole components, we would like to introduce most of them as DIY kit later this year.

The individual modules are and their prices are: (excluding VAT)

  1. Knit Rider (16hp) – 6 voice trigger / gate sequencer, 230 eur
  2. GrandPA (5HP) – granular sampler, 173 eur
  3. Quattro Figaro (10hp) – quad vca + cv invertors + mixing, 164 eur
  4. Tea Kick (5hp) – more than just a bass drum, 90 eur
  5. Noise Square (5HP) – noise and square source, 90 eur
  6. Skis (5HP) – dual decay + vca, 90 eur
  7. Little Nerd (6HP) – trigger / gate processor, 123 eur
  8. Abc (5HP) – 6 channel mixer, 82 eur
  9. Spaghetti (4HP) – inverter, buffered multiple, unity mix, 82 eur
  10. MULTIPLE (2HP) – passive multiple, 25 eur

More information about the modules can be found on Bastl Instruments website.

19 thoughts on “Bastl Instruments Intros 10 New Eurorack Modules

      1. Yeah totally. It’s true I’m trying to stay away from euro rack so I can buy a house. From modular in general.

        But even the fact this is essentially a sample based set isn’t deterring me from wanting it. its just so pretty!!

        Maybe Pittsburgh will come up with something like this, then my dreams will come true.

        1. I’m in much the same boat; buy tempting new toys, or follow what is clearly, by any sane standards, the correct and logical course of action. Amazing how often the “wrong” choice wins out, despite being quite capable of reasoning against it.

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