Edgar Froese’s ‘Stuntman’ Live

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance, by Martin Ley & David Liney, of the Edgar Froese solo track, Stuntman

The performance, at the Deepspace event, was a tribute to Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese, who died recently at the age of 70.

Technical details:

  • Martin Ley on the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2,
  • David Liney on the Nord Stage 2.
  • Filter Sequence on the Elektron Analog Rthm 8.
  • Background (projected) video by nostalgia565

5 thoughts on “Edgar Froese’s ‘Stuntman’ Live

  1. Nice! I love the whimsical melody – I’ve wanted to check out some of Froese’s stuff for a while. As an aside: Every time someone plays a Pro 2 I can feel my wallet caving in to it’s power

  2. The pro-2 is all kinds of awesome. It’s the best synth I’ve ever got my hands on – the filters are just lush! And you can get single oscillators sounding so meaty that the paraphonic sounds decently polyphonic.

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