Laurentide SynthWorks Dual Passive Vactrol Gate Now Available

laurentide-synthworks-vactrolLaurentide SynthWorks has announced that their VG2 Dual Passive Vactrol Gate is now available.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

No power needed! Each Vactrol Gate has 1 CV Input (gate, envelope, LFO, etc.), 1 Audio Input and 1 Audio Output. The CV Input hits the Vactrol LED, allowing audio to pass through. In addition, there is a simple Low Pass Filter applied to the Audio Input with an Amount (Cutoff) knob.

As this is a passive circuit, it will not give you full cutoff control, but it does allow the taming of harsh waveshapes.

The LPF is simply the same concept as a guitar’s “tone” control. Also, there is an LED at the CV Input for quick visual reference and LED light action!

Here’s their official intro video:

The VG2 is available for US $35 as a full DIY kit. See the Laurentide SynthWorks site for details.

11 thoughts on “Laurentide SynthWorks Dual Passive Vactrol Gate Now Available

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on these passive VCAs?

    I am just starting my first Eurorack (Happy Ending Kit) and have no VCAs.

    Right now I just have Intellijel Korgasmatron II and Audio Interface II (to use as outboard filter)

    In time I wanted to get the Intellijel Linix, but for only 35 bucks this seems like a nice little investment. I’ve put together a x0xb0x and Shruthi so I have the skills, I just want to know if passive VCA’s are worth the time.

    Edit: Also, it says to use a buffered mult before the VCA, if you are not using a mult at all can you go straight from the filter (or whatever other module) straight into the VCA without any voltage drop?

    1. A buffered mult is not required. Honestly, I rarely use one with the VG2, but some people may notice a difference in volume and not like it. Adding a buffer before the in will help keep it the same as it goes in.

      The intent I had with this design was to help fill a small gap in a case without taking a precious power slot or a quick way to get a couple extra simple VCA’s. Of course I’m biased as it’s my module, but I love the hell outta it and use it in just about every patch.

  2. Would there be any chance of a powered version to come in the future? I’m a HUGE sucker for LPGs and a dual in a small space (even with the additional cost of power stuff) would be most welcome! Currently the only dual diy I can think of is the rather deep Thomas White… I love me some bongos and resonance 🙂

    1. a powered 4hp dual LPG as DIY a kit would a lot to squeeze in. there would have to be at least 2 PCBS’s stacked. Add some resonance and it would probably have to get 3. Of course it could all fit on one pcb with SMD parts (maybe). Anyway, I’ve considered designing a powered version, but it wouldn’t be for a while.

  3. Really cool circuit–and a cool price too! Might well grab one of these. Can’t have enough utility modules, and it looks neat to boot.

    1. I’m still on the fence with that one. I’m trying to find a reliable source for the transformers that offers a decent bulk order discount. Those things are really expensive. Just for the 4 transformers is $75!

      1. Ok.

        Since the improved audio quality of the replacement transformers is an important part of the ring Mods feature set…you might just have to make the module pricier than the VG2.

        Most buyers would accept this increase since most ring mods are in the 150 dollar range anyways.

  4. I have a prototype version of the Dual Passive Vactrol Gate and it is a really handy module. I have not needed a buff mult in front of it. The filter has a nice sound as well. I will definitely get another.

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