Mixfader – “The World’s First Connected DJ Crossfader”

edjing has introduced Mixfader, described as ‘the world’s first connected DJ crossfader.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Mixfader is the first connected crossfader provided with a dedicated DJ app that dematerializes the classic turntables on any smartphone and tablet. Anyone can now mix and scratch anywhere and anytime.

Designed by sound engineers in collaboration with professional turntablists, Mixfader is both an intuitive and powerful solution that meets professional requirements.

Control your crossfader as a pro to create perfect sound cutting and original compositions through returning movements.

Create your own routines by reinventing scratching and mixing techniques. You have never been so close to become the next C2C.

Pricing and availability are to be announced. See the edjing site for details.

8 thoughts on “Mixfader – “The World’s First Connected DJ Crossfader”

  1. This is exactly what I was hoping someone to do. Well not the ipad part per se, but a small crossfader that could be worked into a controller setup. I assume this is bluetooth? Can it be connected to a computer?

    A bit suspicious though of the latency, watching the guy’s hand and the crossfader onscreen. The audio of course sounded spot on, but that could’ve been been time-corrected in post.

    Anyway, hope this is as good as they make it sound!

  2. I’m not a DJ but I wonder why they just couldn’t make a companion app for the iPhone to have it be the Mixfader and link it to the iPad app? (yeah – I imagine the 3-D slider is a factor but still…seems silly.)

  3. this looks interesting… i am a scratching DJ and would be interested to see how this feels. the only thing that ever got the turntable feel right was the Numark CDX. its really hard to cut when you can’t feel the record. initially i would equate this to guitar strings strummed on an iPad. but this looks cool.

  4. Hello y’all!

    Indeed Mixfader uses Bluetooth connection. With an average latency of 5ms, Mixfader reacts instantaneously to the crossfader movements.

    Why hardware instead of software? Simply for more accuracy 🙂 (Way more accuracy)

    For more stability, we decided to add a special adhesive material below Mixfader, and we conceived the product in aluminium for an optimal weight. We made sure the object was heavy enough to remain static during its usage!

    Check out our Kickstarter project page for more information:


    Yours musically,
    The Mixfader team

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