Butch Vig Vocals Plugin Now Available


Waves has released the Butch Vig Vocals plugin, created in collaboration with Producer Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Foo Fighters).

Here’s an intro video, featuring Butch Vig:


  • Created in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Butch Vig
  • Butch Vig’s signature vocal sound in a single plugin
  • 3-band EQ with a distinct frequency character
  • LoCut, HiCut and MidDip filters for removing unwanted frequencies
  • Compressor and de-esser
  • Tube and Solid State saturation with LoCut and HiCut controls and a blend option
  • Unique Focus control for focusing on the 1 and 2 kHz range\

Butch Vig Vocals is available for a limited time for US $99 (normally $150).

21 thoughts on “Butch Vig Vocals Plugin Now Available

  1. I get what you are saying, but I really like it.

    There are times when I think my computer is much more of a “contraption” than the interface shows.

    So having a plug-in that makes me feel like I’m working with something so “gadgety” is cool.

  2. Does anyone care to sound like Nirvana or Garbage? Isn’t this a bit dated? Seems gimmicky and I think most of us probably have compressors, Eq, filters, and effects already…and probably a lot more flexible. Besides that, Vig likes to do a lot of double track vocals. So just do two vocal takes in your DAW.

  3. That may be the stupidest interface I’ve ever seen on ANY piece of software, music-related or otherwise, perfectly suited to such an awful and overrated producer.

  4. Just listening through tiny speakers, the sibilance seems a little problematic. He jacks up the high-end (shelf at 15K) and de-esses at 6K, so I hear quite a bit of higher sibilance with it engaged.

    Might be a useful tool for folks who want “vocal presets”. However, I prefer using either a la carte EQ, compressor, and De-esser, just because I can see what is happening more clearly. Or better yet, I especially like using DP’s Dynamic EQ because it does several of those tasks all at once, with a display of the FFT.

  5. Seems legit. Like the other Waves signature stuff, it’s not super flexible. I guess that isn’t the point though… good tool for quickly dialing in a vocal. Glad Butch is being honest and not spitting out tons of superlatives and marketing jargon… one of the better waves demos ive seen.

  6. I really like the look of it, like a cross between steampunk and the dash of a newish mini, also seems like quite a versatile tool, for when you don’t want to call up a lot of separate plugs. Be interested to see how it handles other audio material outside of vocals, which is what I’d use it for, maybe one for the wishlist after I’ve given it a demo.

  7. Totally useless…
    Looks like a pinball machine and sounds like it too.
    Good for people who just want to use the two flippers and aimlessly try to hit the ball.

  8. I can’t say that I’m in for the way that this is designed. I’m a huge fan of the FabFilter design discipline in which form follows function in clean and simplistic beauty. If you really want to sound like Kurt Cobain, smoke a thousand packs of Lucky Strikes, scream at the top of your lungs at every possible opportunity and maybe shoot some smack.

  9. C’mon guys, the design is beautiful, just because it does not look like everything you used in the 60ties, it doesn´mean it won´t work. Keep your ears and eyes open.

    1. Beautiful artistically and beautiful functionally have almost nothing in common most of the time, yet they are often mistaken for each other regularly. I agree that it’s long past time to stop making software look like decades old machines. But I completely disagree that we should instead make it look “artistic”. Function should be the winner from now on. Function above all else.

  10. What a really, really good video! Honest, well-shot and recorded, educational, professional. If only I was working with vocalists, I would pick this up immediately.

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