WMD + SSF Spectrum Oscillator For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

This video, via William Mathewson, is a quick demo of the WMD + SSF collaboration module, the Spectrum Oscillator.

Spectrum is a precision, saw-core VCO, with eight possible waveforms (six simultaneous outputs), an eight octave switch, LFO mode and FM mode select with attenuation.

In addition to the standard waveforms; sine, pulse, triangle and saw, SPECTRUM features two selectable saw/pulse hybrid waveforms and two selectable sub-octave waveforms with variable range.

Additional features include pulse width modulation with CV and attenuation, hard sync and panel accessible 1V/OCT calibration.

For more information, see the WMD site.

One thought on “WMD + SSF Spectrum Oscillator For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

  1. The Spectrum is one of the best out of this series of modules. Most eurorack modules I have had, I have had to spend copious amounts of time to get them to track right. Not the Spectrum! Right out of the box tracked perfectly.

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