Propellerhead Releases Three ‘Rig Bundles’ For Reason

Propellerhead_Rig_Bundle_2015_MarchPropellerhead has introduced three new Rig bundles for Reason 8 – $199 collections of Rack Extensions and Refills that bring together instruments, effects and sample packs from a variety of developers. 

The bundles include:

  • Backline Rig – Aimed at songwriters, the Backline Rig features guitars, electric bass, vintage keyboards, drums, and vintage effect units;
  • Synthetic Rig – Tailored for electronic music producers, the Synthetic Rig bundle comes with a variety of synths, beatboxes and effects;
  • Outboard Rig – Offers a collection of studio outboard effect Rack Extensions.

The bundles are available as a direct downloads from Propellerhead’s website for USD $199 / EUR €159.

7 thoughts on “Propellerhead Releases Three ‘Rig Bundles’ For Reason

  1. sweet deals, sucks for those (like me) who bought most of each rig at cost – 3-4 of the higher end RE’s per pack covers the entire cost of the pack – which again, is an awesome deal.

    wonder if they going to offer anything to the earlybird poor saps like me 😀

  2. Got the backline rig! Awesome!!!! The prices for these are pretty up there but I always thought about them as if you were buying a good footpedal, or an actual synth. Like Kontakt prices are pretty high but your getting quality stuff. Synchronus is like the best effect unit and I already put the money out for that. But I tested those Radical pianos and they were great, so its nice to get em both plus a ton of other stuff. The refills are not what i need but its like getting a bunch of stuff yu wanted for a super discount, then getting a couple snackies for the hell of it.

  3. My only DAW after 20 years with sequencers, software and hardware. Reason makes my creative juice bubble every time I use it.

  4. Any software using the metaphor of a hardware rig as a UI needs to be banned – nostalgia and sentiment is abhorrent in coding modern tools – it must be good because it is designed to look like a rig from the 1980’s – really, really….?

  5. If they were only do the small update that was Reason 8 they should have let upgraders choose one of these packs as part of the upgrade. I’m still happily using 7.

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