LepLoop Lumanoise v.2 Overview & Demo

This video, via Felix of The Tuesday Night Machines, takes a look at the LepLoop Lumanoise v2 synthesizer. 

The L.E.P. Lumanoise v2 has a square wave oscillator, a sawtooth oscillator and double, Trautonium-inspired sub oscillator. After mixing the oscillators together, the signal is sent through a Low Pass Filter with adjustable Resonance (which goes up to self-oscillation).

The filter cutoff frequency, as well as the individual oscillators’ pitches, can be controlled by light, via the light sensors on the top panel.

The Lumanoise is available as both a kit and assembled, starting at 60€.

Also show in this video:

  • PixiVisor iOS App (available for Android, Mac, Linux & Windows)
  • RGB LED Strip with IR remote control (no particular brand)
  • Hypnocube 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube

4 thoughts on “LepLoop Lumanoise v.2 Overview & Demo

    1. PixiVisor from Alexander Zolotov. Check the other apps from this developer, this guy has a very serious and experimental music and video apps for iOS. I think also has some others for Android, Linux, Windows and OSX.

  1. I think it would be hard to integrate this with anything else since the pitch depends on light. It would be interesting if you could constrain the pitch. Still, it’s a really cool looking product.

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