Bit Shape Intros TC-11 2.0

TC-11-proBit Shape has released TC-11 2.0 – a major update to the programmable multi-touch synthesizer for the iPad.

TC-11 2.0 is a major overhaul of the programming interface, synthesis engine, and patch manager.

New features include:

  • Granular Oscillator
  • New patch editor, with drag-and-drop controllers
  • One-button tuning
  • Live patch UI display
  • New patch organizer, with tag filtering
  • New synthesis engine
  • New Table module
  • Many new controllers, totaling over 300!

Here is a video overview of the new version:

TC-11 is available now for US $24.99 in the App Store.

12 thoughts on “Bit Shape Intros TC-11 2.0

  1. Need to give this another look. When it came out originally, I though it looked cool but I couldn’t tell what was going on in the demo videos!

  2. Pretty much rhe only iOS / iPad synth to fully leverage the capacitative touch interface, as opposed to merely recreate a typical keyboard layout.
    Also a sound designer’s dream, given the amount of parameters that can be tweaked.
    Besides oscillators, filters et al, one may define every last detail in terms of playability. All gestures and touch actions can be mapped to specific sound properties.
    Oh yes, and it looks gorgeous too.
    Worth every cent.

    1. Agreed…

      and I thought this was going to be a paid upgrade, which would have been fair enough, but no, it’s free – thank you Bit Shape!! Very nice!!!

    1. naw, I updated my ipad 2 yesterday. Maybe it got temporarily pulled? There is a bug where it crashes while trying to import any old patches you had saved- dev submitted a fix.

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