Bastl Instruments Modular Synthesizer Sneak Preview

These videos, via cdmtv, offer a sneak preview of the new Bastl Instruments Eurorack modular  – a new line of unique oak-paneled modules. 


Announced modules include:

  • ABC – 6 channel mixer
  • grandaPa – granular sampler
  • Knit Rider – 6 voice trigger / gate sequencer
  • littleNerd – trigger / gate processor
  • multiple – passive handwired multiple
  • Noise Square – noise and square source
  • Quattro Figaro – quad vca + cv invertors + mixing
  • Skis – dual decay + vca
  • Spaghetti – inverter, buffered multiple, unity mix
  • Tea Kick – more than just a bass drum

The two videos capture demos at Berlin’s Schneidersladen. The first video, above, demonstrates using the Knit Rider to create Euclidean rhythms.

The second video, below, captures a live jam using the new modules:

See the Bastl site for more info.

7 thoughts on “Bastl Instruments Modular Synthesizer Sneak Preview

    1. If you add all the module prices at noise kitchen, plus cost of the case, it’d be like €1200 easily. Some of the modules here are duplicates, so after that I’d guess €1500. Pretty costly but it’d be worth it for sure

  1. My sentiment excactly (regarding wanting some of these modules as my entry into the modular world). I started to visit muffwiggler to learn the fundamentals, this way i can decide which modules to start with.

  2. Nice. Hope they do offer kits as previously mentioned.

    The complete synth looks a little too uniform, though some no doubt like that.

    The grandPa looks to be a modular upgrade of their microGranny – which would be really neat.

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