Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box Puts Euro Synth Into A Stomp box


Musikmesse 2015: Pittsburgh Modular is teasing a a new case that’s designed to let you create a modular stomp box synthesizer. 

The Patch Box, above, is a steel case, designed to be used as a foot-controlled stomp box. It lets you add your own modules, letting you create a foot-controlled modular stomp box.

Details on the Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box are to be announced at this year’s Musikmesse, in April.


17 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box Puts Euro Synth Into A Stomp box

  1. I think it has a lot of potential for people who are already into Euro and also play guitar. If you have a gig and want to process stuff live, but the synth aspect is not the main emphasis of the performance this could be an interesting solution. Better than lugging a whole 3/6/9/12U to a show, and better than using a little Doepfer minicase I think.

  2. Very neat concept–I really like the integrated patch field, along with the knobs and switches. And expression pedal input! Seems really handy even if you don’t play guitar. Would be cool to use as a sidecar for a larger system, or as an insert on a mixing desk, for instance. Or put an English Tear and a couple modulators in to crazy up your MS20!

  3. I just had one of those moments were I just saw someone make something that I had thought of. What can I say. Great minds think alike lol. This is really freaking awesome. My design had expression pedals build on to the unit though… That would be cool to see.

      1. The pedals themselves are not part of the unit. I really like the idea of having patch able pedals attached to the chassis.

    1. I also had one of those moments as well! After years of building guitar pedals, I had started ‘modularizing’ their functions – like being able to send a single LFO to multiple pedal parameters. The form factor I was imagining was a bit different, but this is a great start!

    1. Dear Pittsburgh Modular: I am available if you need a comments section shill, and accept payment in modules. Please respond at earliest opportunity.

  4. I have trepidation seeing something that fragile on the floor. Interesting idea but also a disaster in the making. One misstep and your rockstar cool goes out the window. This needs a roll bar like the Korg SDD-3000 pedal only in spades.

  5. I had the octavious aqueezer, all analogal synth pedal for bass. It didn’t work out for me. Maybe this would be cool at the end of an EFX loop for someone like Johnny Green, but there are better ways for a guitarist to spend his money getting that synth sound.

    Having said that. Pittsburgh Modular ia great company, so i support their innovative spirit and desire to gey modular to the masses. My neighbor in Philly has a set up and its prettay, prettay good.

    Edit: ElectroHarmonics has the synth pedal game down tight. Some of their stuff with a BLUE SKY reverb=Set

  6. It’s about time somebody listen to my idea of having an e effects rack made from modular synths. I would use this on toms of EDM mixes and create my sound sound fx for sound design.

  7. I love the hands on feel of modular synthesis. The stomp box is great because now I can put my modules on the floor and get both the bend over and hands on feel now.

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