MicroRack Makes Bulky Modular Synths A Thing Of The Past

microrack-modularRussian modular case manufacturer MDR.modular has introduced MicroRack – a new modular format designed to make bulky modular synthesizers a thing of the past. 

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The MicroRack is based on the same concepts as Eurorack modulars, but scaled to fit in your pocket.

Full details on the saratov.micro + “sputnik” micro are to be announced. In the meantime, check out the photos and let us know what you think of the idea of a pocket-sized modular synth!

See the MDR Facebook page for more info.

25 thoughts on “MicroRack Makes Bulky Modular Synths A Thing Of The Past

  1. Aw.. gutted when I realized it was only an April fools.. I just ordered plastic surgery to get smaller fingers. I mean all synths come with tiny tiny keys these days – so why not knobs!??

  2. Yep – April Fools obviously. If it were’nt how the hell would you manipulate the knobs or patch the damn thing… This is a good April Fools though…

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