Epic Soundlab Intros Octacontrol For Reaktor

octacontrol-for-reaktorEpic Soundlab has introduced Octacontrol for Reaktor – an 8 points MIDI Transmuter sound design tool, made to control ANY MIDI device, both hardware and software, for the creation of complex and shapeshifting sounds.

The core function of Octacontrol is to build complex sounds by sending 8 MIDI CC#, each one assigned to a coordinate in an XY plane.

Each axis can be controlled both manually (by using the big X and Y sliders) or via a dedicated LFO. Each LFO features 9 hardcoded waveforms that can be modified by the BIAS slider. The main XY Radar Monitor works as a reference for the current position of both axis and, when the Riser Engine is engaged, as a reference for the pitch bend position. There are two main control groups called SOURCE and TRANSITION. Sources are mapped to the corners of XY plane, while Transitions to the cardinal points.

The Riser Engine is dedicated to build risers and downers by sending Pitch Bend up/down MIDI message. The Pitch Bend range must be configured on the receiving device.

Here are the official video intros:


  • 8 MIDI CC Layers
  • XY Radar Monitor
  • Manual Axis Controls
  • 2 LFOs
  • 9 Waveforms per LFO
  • LFO Bias
  • Riser Engine

Full version of Native Instruments Reaktor 5.9+ is required. The free Reaktor Player is not supported.

Octacontrol For Reaktor is available now at the Epic Soundlab site.

2 thoughts on “Epic Soundlab Intros Octacontrol For Reaktor

  1. Looks like something Expert Leepers would invent, like their Silent Way product.
    Or a twist on that app I forget the name of ‘CVWorkshop’ or something, only produces MIDI imstead of CV.

    I suggest an enhamcement to add 8 envelopes.
    Each with switchable modes: high-speed / low-speed, linear / exponential … etc.

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