Elektron Overbridge Coming This Summer


At Musikmesse 2015, Elektron announced that their hotly anticipated Overbridge is expected to be released this summer.

Overbridge is designed to let you use Elektron’s analog hardware gear seamlessly within your DAW.

This video, via Cuckoo, captures an overview and demo of Overbridge, from the Elektron booth at Musikmesse. Check it out and let us know what you think of Overbridge!

Overbridge Key Features:

  • ‘Real analog VSTi’s’ – seamless computer integration of analog synthesizers and drum machines
  • A single USB cable – record multiple analog voices to separate DAW tracks. Or warm up DAW sounds with analog circuits. All over USB and without timing issues.
  • Superior convenience – When a DAW project is loaded, Elektron machine settings are automatically loaded as well.


  • CoreAudio / ASIO / WDM sound card functionality
  • Multi-tracking via single USB
  • Overbridge Control Panel
  • Analog Four/Keys/Rytm plugins
  • VSTi plugin format
  • Parameter automation
  • Kit/Sound editing capabilities
  • Sequencing via DAW – “Analog VSTi”
  • Elektron sequencer sync to DAW
  • Multiple Elektron units support
  • Mac and Windows support

Video summary:

Elektron is gearing up for a releasing their much talked about VSTi OVERBRIDGE as a public beta in May -15. Followed closely by a release in the summer. OVERBRIDGE is a software to control and sync their Analog series, such as Analog Four, Analog Keys and the Analog Rytm through a DAW such as Ableton Live etc.

See the Elektron site for more info.

33 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge Coming This Summer

    1. Nice idea, but never going to happen due to the type of USB card in the OT not being capable. This has been confirmed numerous times by Elektron themselves.

  1. If everything works as advertised this could be a new standard for connecting analog synths to a DAW, I would love to see Dave Smith etc do something similar with the prophet module, 8 individual outs over USB etc

      1. This is true. However I have found it introduces latency on top of the normal latency and this combined latency – in my personal experience and taste – transcends the threshold of tolerability for real time expressive work. However, for electro artists who rely entirely on step entry and heavy quantization it’s not a big restriction.

      2. Yeah, but that’s irrelevant to Overbridge. Audio goes through the plugin, as opposed to your AK or RYTM showing up as another audio device.

    1. You can have both A4 and Rytm, their input/output channels routed to and from your DAW in addition to your existing soundcard. There is some sort of USB bandwidth limit, though.

      If I have understood correctly.

    2. Apparently this new tech lets you have multiple audio devices under windows (aggregated) without having to use sound primary driver (so you could for example use RME drivers for primary recording and ADD the overbride audio to it, gaining more channels.

    3. The VST plugin handles all the audio between the hardware and your VST channels, so you get to carry on using your sound card as you were.

      There is no aggregate device technology involved in Overbridge, your sound card is not part of the equation.

  2. I have A4 and ARytm. The idea is great. But the endless postponement seem to me a disrespect for actual customers. Had I not bought them already, I would wait and see, that’s for sure.
    Just be aware that the use of the device as an external effect unit will have to wait until the end of 2015 (expect 2016) Sorry Elektron, too much announcing, postponing and waiting

    1. I looked and looked in the box, but alas the card guaranteeing me free integration software was no where to be seen…what kind of sicko company is this?

    2. Isn’t this the first time they’ve announced a firm ship date?

      I understand frustration over the time it has taken them to release this, but they’re doing something that nobody else is doing that’s going to add massive value to your existing device, and it seems like they are taking the time to get it right.

    1. I love that idea! But please, after their dedicated Elektron MXR device.
      a boutique version of Roland´s MX 1, the Machinedrum MK3, Monomachine MK3 😀

      Happy days 🙂

  3. I have A4 and AR. Had I known beforehand of the endless postponement, I would had waited and see.
    According to Elektron, the external FX functionality will come by the end of 2015 (expect 2016)
    Sorry Elektron, too much talk, announcements, postponement and wait

      1. I buy my stuff based on the sound and features but also based on the company’s commitment to keep up their promises.
        Elektron has failed ME on this regard. No big deal, anyway, as the resell value is high and I think I will buy the new Roland analog modules instead.
        In any case I kind of hate the convoluted user interface of A4 and AR, and the tiny LCD doesn’t help, that’s why I was hoping on Overbridge to solve those shortcomings (at least for me).
        In any case I don’t act as if I had millions on Elektron stock (or any other company). I like to show criticism when I feel like it. I’ll continue to do so.
        Have a nice day.

        1. I am suggesting the following as politely and positively as possible. Perhaps what is really going on is you’re frustrated by the Elektron workflow, disappointed in yourself that you can’t get your head around it, and thus making it up that it’s about Overbridge.

          I suggest sticking with it a little longer. I promise at some point it will all make sense (if the above is the case). I am speaking form experience. It took some patience on my part, but it was worth it. Again, no offense. I’d just hate to see someone give up too soon.

          1. There’s a lot of folks who struggle in this way with Elektron gear. That’s ok, it doesn’t mean they’re a bad musician or anything, I would prefer it if they would just accept it isn’t for them and move on instead of raining on the parade of everyone who does get on with these machines though. I mean who really wants to read this?

            As for buying stuff based on a promise, well, that’s just plain silly! But who knows, maybe life experience has told these people that sales talk and company promises always come true and Elektron are the first company they have ever come across that have’t fulfilled their promise (yet!) Not my experience though, generally I take every bit of sales patter with a very large pinch of salt – because 99% of the time it’s a load of crap.

    1. sell ur boxes. to me. for cheap. because u so mad bout a plugin.

      u act like the product does not function. daw integration is cool, handy, but these boxes were designed for being played, jammed on etc. soundss like you shoulds spent your 2.5k on plugins, youd at least be happy with your integration.

  4. elektron need to make a digital/analog mixer and fx processor using over bridge!
    Like the new role mixer for the aira stuff just way better cause it’s elektronn. Same form fit as all the boxes. Same amazing quality.

  5. When I first heard about Overbridge I was really hoping it would include the Octatrack. It would be so great to stream the eight tracks straight into live on different channels but apparently the hardware is incompatible. Maybe one day on a MK2 Octatrack?

    1. Unfortunately Elektron already said no to an OT MKII…

      Who knows, that could change in the distant future, just don’t expect anything any time soon 🙂

  6. looks good, as a philistine who loves to control through that king of controllers the mouse i would consider the A4 desktop with this.

    1. I had an email from Elektron stating that the development version was 32bit compatible and would work under 10.6. They did say that they were unsure if this would still be the case for the final release version.. possibly due to additional features that hadn’t been developed when they sent the email?.. But I’m still hopeful it will be as I want to use it with my Core 2 Duo laptop.

    1. Audio Units will be supported by the end of 2015. But please do not show any kind of criticism about the delay or you will be thrashed by some kind of retarded.

      1. Angelus, you seem pretty frustrated. Personally, i don’t know any Hardware, with which i’ve so much fun as with the Elektron Machines. Man, it’s hardware! Overbridge is just a sweet bonus…

  7. This is a wonderful FREE update for everyone who has an A4 or RYTM – can’t believe Elektron are giving this away – I’d have happily paid for it!

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