Tantra Rhythmic Multi-Effect Plugin For Mac & Windows


Dmitry Sches has introduced Tantra, a rhythmic multi-effect plug-in for Mac & Windows.

With Tantra you can take any kind of sound and turn it into a complex rhythmic progression, with lots of movements among the deep produced sound space.

Here is the official audio demo for Tantra:

Here’s what Sches has to say about Tantra:

The core of Tantra is a set of 8 multi-mode modulators, which generate rhythmic 32-step multi-stage envelopes with adjustable shape and different operating modes.
High quality effects
Tantra’s effects

6 high quality effects process audio in Tantra and in response to the applied modulations form rhythmic pulsations in your sounds. All popular effects included: analog filter, distortion and lo-fi sections, flexible delay and flanger. Special Glitch module brings the modern “Stutter” effect on the board.

All the effects are organized as two independent layers, which allows you to produce deep and complex audio rhythms, consist of two sub-patterns.

Master equalizer and reverb at the output will help you to shape your final sound and breathe air into it.

Tantra is available for an introductory price of US $49 (Normally $69.) A demo version is also available.

14 thoughts on “Tantra Rhythmic Multi-Effect Plugin For Mac & Windows

  1. Don’t try this unless you have a spare $50 – instant gratification, sounds great (each effect is high quality), looks good, easy to use. SOLD! PS- Fab with Guitar!

  2. This thing sounds great and the multi-segment envelopes make it a powerful modulation machine. You really have to experience it for yourself to see just how great it sounds on a wide variety of source material.

  3. How does this compare to Sugar bytes Effectrix or Glitch 2? Tantra’s envelopes seem a bit more advanced. I’m in the market for a VST like this, any advice?

  4. I like the form factor, even though its a screen-filler. Ooops! Feels a bit like Turnado or CamelSpace. I can do a lot of this within a Logic channel trip, especially If I care to do a MAX-type build in its Environment. All the same, it makes good sense to have a couple of these plugs for left-field fun or the unexpected in general. It fits a certain grab-it-&-go ethic that can up your fun factor pragmatically. Smart design & a fair price, which beats a lot of what’s floating around. +1 for the welcoming GUI.

  5. cHECKED OUT THE DEMO, ABOUT TO GO BUY IN IN A FEW SECONDS. Reason and Fl studio user, been looking for something to make some quick modulated multi-effects like Synchronous. Its quick and has a lot of super cool unexpected potential. Something nice about getting lost in the fun and finding new ideas with effects. Made something totally flat sound like a bubbling organic drone loop that was ever changing with a few knobs automated. Good enough for me and for 50 bucks!

  6. Looks fantastic, sounds great and supports 10.6.8, only thing I could think of that I’d love to see is a lemur template done by one of the ninjas.

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