Critter & Guitari Intros Septavox Synth, Terz Amplifier


Critter & Guitari, in conjunction with Third Man Records, have introduced two new instruments: Septavox and Terz Amplifier.

  • The Septavox synth has 41 keys, 7 synth modes and 7 tones. With the seven modes and seven tones there are 49 possible sound settings, each one easily remembered as two color combinations: red and yellow, blue and white, and so on. Other features include: built-in 3″ speaker, MIDI In/Out, 1/4″ output jack and powered by 4 ‘AA’ batteries!
  • The Terz amplifier is a hybrid of classic analog amplification circuitry and cutting edge power electronics. It is a portable, loud amp that sounds great while using only four rechargeable ‘AA’ batteries. There are two analog gain/distortion circuits behind the sound of the amp. The left knob controls the amount of silicon diode distortion and low frequency adjustment. The center knob controls the amount of germanium diode distortion for high end crunch. The right knob controls the overall volume of the amp.

Here is the official video intro:

Both Terz and Septavox are available in Yellow or Black. See the C&G site for more info.

8 thoughts on “Critter & Guitari Intros Septavox Synth, Terz Amplifier

    1. Well if the sound was put though some nice processors, it may be different.
      Low how certain 30 year gear is looked for because a song it was in. Casio vl-1 anyone or yamaha dx-100

  1. Indeed.

    I want a nice and small portable amp for messing with some of my more portable synths at work. If this sounds good and is priced right it might be just the thing.

    PS – I work nights running digital printing presses all alone… but having said that I could probably just bring in some PAs and blast all night.

  2. I wasn’t sure about these things until I met one, they sound and look amazing. It was hard to resist, now it’s even harder.

  3. I don’t think I am prepared to grow the big bushy beard, just so I look right playing with these things. I am sure others will – yet I feel that it should not be the preserve of the middle-class wanker.

  4. As a bearded guy, I’d agree. You’d look super-lame with one of these.
    I’d stick to the globe-shaped midi controllers if I were you.

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