MultitrackStudio for iPad Updated To V2.0

multitrack-studio-ipadDeveloper Giel Bremmers has updated MultitrackStudio for iPad – an audio/MIDI multitrack recording app.

MultitrackStudio lets you record and edit up to 16 audio and MIDI tracks.

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0:

  • Extension Pack (in-app purchase) is now called Pro Extension.
    • Pro Extension: Songs can have either an extra Effect Return or up to 8 Groups.
    • Pro Extension: Time stretching in track editors.
    • Pro Extension: Tempo editor can process audio tracks.
    • Pro Extension: Create new song using current as template.
    • Pro Extension features Phase Inverter effect.
  • Can now record multiple Audiobus sources simultaneously.
  • Uses Audiobus 2.1.5 SDK.
  • Improved transport cycling: Overview bar remembers cycle region after transport stopped, longtapping Play button starts cycling, transport menu features ‘Set Cycle Start’ and ‘Set Cycle End’ options.
  • Editors: add and draw modes can be sticky (see ‘Sticky add/draw modes’ setting in Preferences pane).
  • Editors: tweaked graphics to make it easier to see which mode an editor is in.
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: step through presets by swiping vertically over the instrument box. Also works for SoundFont Player presets and the Pro Extension’s Convolutor effect impulse responses.
  • Tempo editor shows mixed version of tracks in background.
  • Matrix Sampler now displays the note to which the current cell responds.
  • Fixed: SoundFont Player ignored pitch bend range setting.
  • Fixed: Matrix Sampler’s Volume knob settings weren’t stored and recalled correctly.
  • Several other fixes

MultitrackStudio for iPad is available for US $29.99. The Pro Extension add-on is priced at US $19.99.

If you’ve used MultitrackStudio for iPad, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

3 thoughts on “MultitrackStudio for iPad Updated To V2.0

  1. I constantly bitch about how iPad apps are rhythmically stupid, and I whine about their lack of features for more advanced rhythm and scales. I love it when technology let’s us explore new musical places. With that in mind, I proclaim: “Multitrack Studio is untouchable.” It truly is a full-fledged DAW for the iPad.

    MTS doesn’t limit what I can do with odd-meters, or changing tempos and time-signatures within the piece. The MIDI and audio capabilities are REALLY good. MIDI editing is smooth, intuitive and effective. The built-in instruments are fine for sketching purposes. The built-in audio editing and effects are also quite good. Routing audio & MIDI between apps works fine. AND the developer is responsive to user input.

    Obviously, a comparison must be made with Auria– which is arguably better for audio-only work–due to Auria’s great plugins. However, MTS has the edge if your songs aren’t in 4/4 or have changing tempos. MTS is more efficient with CPU and runs more reliably on my iPad4.. I can barely run anything in Auria on my iPad4. We’ll see if Auria Pro’s next-big-update brings some additional functionality to compare to MTS. But even if it does, I don’t expect it to suddenly work on my iPad4 as well as MTS does.

    MTS’s GUI is a little plain. The app icon is kind of a hilarious bit of self-depricating about it. Occasionally the app confuses the words volume and velocity with MIDI editing things. I’m hoping to nudge the developer to clean that up. Otherwise it is a very robust and well-designed app.

    I have NO regrets in buying it and the pro expansion– and that is saying something.

  2. @Xtopher, Yes, I am running MultitrackStudio for iPad on my iPad 3 (iOS 8.3). I’m happy to report that the app’s performance is exceptional. I have never had it lag at all with touch operations, audio scrubbing, etc. The CPU % has never risen above single digits. That’s with 2 stereo audio tracks and 1 MIDI track playing at the same time (admittedly a relatively light load). It feels great supporting an independent developer that is doing such amazing work.

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