Saurus2 Now Available For Mac & Windows


Tone2 Audiosoftware has released Saurus2, a virtual analog synthesizer, for Mac & Windows, that they say offers ‘an extremely authentic emulation of analog synthesizers’.

Here’s the official video intro:

Here’s what’s new in Saurus2:

  • Enhanced sound quality because the synthesis engine has been completely reworked.
  • Over 260 additional patches.
  • Completely reworked all existing factory sounds.
  • Added a comfortable patch browser.
  • More detailed emulation of the ‘analog’ sound. The degree of analog behavior is now selectable.
  • Enhanced graphics.
  • More comfortable user interface.
  • A large number of further new features and enhancements.
  • Saurus2 is 100% downward compatible with all previous versions.


  • Covers all important aspects of analog synthesizers, but without adopting the disadvantages
  • ‘High-end’ sound quality
  • Low CPU
  • Free support and updates
  • easy-to-use interface
  • Ships with 830 outstanding presets from 22 top sound designers
  • Analog filter with self-oscillation, FM and feedback
  • Very fast LFOs and punchy envelopes
  • Powerful arpeggiator
  • Many different play modes: Mono, legato, glide, poly, stack, autochord
    4x stereo unison
  • Effects section
  • Analog modeled distortion and tube amp

Saurus2 is available now for Mac & Windows for 99 EUR/$119 USD.

If you’ve used Saurus2, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

7 thoughts on “Saurus2 Now Available For Mac & Windows

  1. Impressive sound for a VA. The analog poly stuff reminds me of the Superwave plugins. And the big ravey sounds are nice too.

    But “can replace many analog synthesizers”…… lolz

      1. You too, eh? I was just about to fire them a frustrated support email, when I noticed the Update link.

        US$69 is just too much for this update. The only real feature that’s meaningful to me is the patch browser, plus some extra patches.

        I already like the sound of Saurus 1, so “improved sound” is no big draw.
        A patch browser should be in every modern plugin, it just makes sense. I wish they’d do something similar – i.e., a separate, larger-view window – for the arpeggiator and mod matrix. That tiny blue area is just two small, and requires two much page flipping.

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