WMD Modular Synth Workshop

This video captures a workshop by William Mathewson on his WMD Eurorack modules. 

The workshop was held 4/19/2015 at Modularsquare, a French synth shop near Paris/France.

Note: While the introduction is in French, Mathewson’s discussion is in English.

The video is over two and a half hours long and covers WMD’s modules in depth:

0:01:43 Introduction to WMD
0:05:40 Introduction to Monolith keyboard
0:06:50 WMD/SSF Spectrum
0:16:17 WMD/SSF Blender
0:17:13 WMD/SSF Pole-zero filter
0:21:20 WMD/SSF Ultrafold
0:34:20 Talk about WMD and SSF collaboration
0:38:23 WMD/SSF Mini Slew
0:59:39 WMD/SSF Toolbox
1:10:03 WMD/SSF Amplitude
1:15:37 Synchrodyne
1:33:50 Synchrodyne Expander
1:51:06 Sequential Switch Matrix
2:03:15 PDO
2:16:41 Multimode Envelope
2:19:50 Micron Hadron Collider
2:29:06 Digital VCA

Details on the modules are available at the WMD site.

Nous sommes Modularsquare, une boutique spécialisée dans les instruments de musique électroniques, ainsi qu’une communauté d’artistes qui se réunie une fois par mois.

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