Robert Rich Live – ‘The Other Side of Twilight’


Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance by synthesist Robert Rich, who is currently touring:

Rich performs The Other Side Of Twilight, from the album Numena.

The performance was filmed during his concert in the Dome Planetarium at the Peoria Riverfront Museum, on May 1, 2015.

A list of upcoming dates is available at Rich’s site.

8 thoughts on “Robert Rich Live – ‘The Other Side of Twilight’

  1. I hope he made it over to Dickson Mounds and made a spiritual connection with the Mound Builders. That would be most appropriate.

  2. Nice jam, a very atmospheric piece. Yet, not sure on the title, “The Other Side of Twilight”, as I don’t think you can have sides of twilight. And if you can, which side does if refer to? Twilight is defined as an half-state or semi-state, like a decline – so it would be like saying, the other side of the decline, which isn’t the right thing to be saying, as it is an active state that is not consistent. We can move beyond the point of decline, but to say we are on the other side of that decline refers to nothing, as it refers to anything that could happen based on celestial and geographical positioning, and atmospherics. I take it from the tone of the piece that the other side of twilight is referring to night in this case, but if we were to have an other side to twilight, being the fall of night and thus moving into and beyond that state, then the other side of twilight would be morning. Sorry to be a pain, but I was enjoying listening to that piece and dwelling upon the meaning of the title at the same time, and it started this process of thinking. “While Twilight Falls”, would make for a better title.

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