NI Now Shipping Traktor Kontrol D2

Native Instruments today announced the release of Traktor Kontrol D2, their latest performance-oriented DJ deck.

The touch-sensitive controls on the compact Traktor Kontrol D2, and its full-color display provide “seamless” Traktor workflow, along with a host of features for multi-channel mixing with the upcoming Stems open audio format.


Traktor Kontrol D2 takes advantage of the touch-and-see Traktor workflow, and incorporates touch-sensitive hardware and a high-resolution display.

An upcoming Traktor Pro update (summer 2015) will make Traktor Kontrol D2 one of the first “Stems-ready” hardware controllers available. When used with the Stems-implemented version of Traktor Pro 2, the D2’s Performance faders, encoders, and pads will “instantly” correspond to a loaded Stem file’s different ‘stem’ parts for immediate performance.

Though one D2 alone can navigate through several Traktor decks, two USB ports found on the rear panel allow a second D2 to be daisy-chained to one computer USB port for a full two-unit setup.

Connections are further simplified with an included power supply splitter cable that allows two units to be powered using a single power supply unit. Other Traktor controllers can also be chained with Traktor Kontrol D2 for more specialized performance setups.

Pricing and Availability

Traktor Kontrol D2 is available now and will retail for $499 / 499€ at the Native Instruments Online Shop, and at retailers worldwide. More information and product specifications are available at the Native Instruments website.

12 thoughts on “NI Now Shipping Traktor Kontrol D2

  1. Great to see yet another controller to triumph over all controllers, until the next controller , triumphs all controllers. I think I will stick with me hardware thank you .

  2. a new way to press play and autosync music which sounds like it’s been pulled out of the cave rave scene in the second matrix film. oh god that was a bad movie.

    1. “a new way to press play and autosync music which sounds like it’s been pulled out of the cave rave scene in the second matrix film. oh god that was a bad movie.”

      Google Translate

      “Hey kids, get off my lawn”

  3. I actually really liked the music he was playing in the ad. However it looks like we would need two of these and a nice mixer which is going to push the price up to around 1500 or so. That’s a lot of money for software controllers. These had better do something really special.

  4. Looking at a couple of these for my daughter as a drop in. I feel much better about sending a 16 year old out the door with her Z2 and a pair of D2’s instead of sending her out the door with my pair of 900’s. I see a lot of people complaining about the price, but a modular set up will always cost more than an all in one solution. Besides that I am willing to bet that the build of a mixer in a modular set up has a longer lifespan and takes more abuse than an all in one controller.

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