SampleRobot Volca-X For Mac & Windows Now Available


SKYLIFE has released SampleRobot Volca-X – a new version of SampleRobot that’s designed to work with the Korg Volca Sample.

SampleRobot Volca-X is designed to let you:

  • play plug-in sounds on your Volca Sample,
  • sample vintage drum machines automatically,
  • slice all-in-one files,
  • store all your sample banks on hard disk,
  • rearrange sample slots,
  • use the stereo export options to mock stereo sample playback on the Volca Sample, etc.

Here’s the official video intro:


Two versions of SampleRobot are available, priced starting at 59 $ / 39 £ / 49 €. See the SampleRobot site for details.

6 thoughts on “SampleRobot Volca-X For Mac & Windows Now Available

  1. Right then – has anyone used this software with their Volca Sample? I love the fact that there are free options but SampleRobot Volca-X is theoretically the most robust sample management for the glory that is the Volca Sample.

    Anyone out there used this software and if so: how’s your experience with it?

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