DFX Digital Multi-FX App Adds MIDI Control


Fingerlab has released a major update to DFX – its digital Multi-FX app for iPad:

We are happy to announce DFX version 2.0 with a freshly added Midi Engine.

You can now plug any Midi controller or keyboard, relax and watch DFX reacting to the push of a fader or the turning of a rotary button. Multiple controllers, multiple gestures are welcome. We have covered pretty much much any control in DFX.

Here’s a video intro to the new version:


  • 10 effect categories
    • Delays : Sync Delay, Ping Pong, Tape Delay
    • Reverbs : Metal box, Hall, Descent, Reflections, Freeze,
    • Filters : High Pass, Low Pass, High Shelf, Low Shelf
    • Phase : Phase Flux, Vibe Chorus, Phase Shift
    • Modulation : Wave Tremolo, AutoWah, Envelope Follower, Ring Modulator
    • Distortion : Wave Shaper, Bias, Raw, Bit Crusher, Synthizer
    • Voice FX : Vocoder, Resonator, Formant Simulator
    • Pan : Stereolizer, AutoPan, Leslie
    • Dynamics : Noise Gate, Compressor
    • Instruments : High Tone Synth, Bass Tone Synth
  • Audiobus compatible
  • Audio Inter-App compatible
  • 4 playable trackpads with real-time waveforms
  • Live Effect Swapping
  • Live recording
  • Recordings manager
  • Recordings exporter
  • Built-in Countdown
  • Built-in Tone Synths (high and bass)
  • Built-in Output Limiter for a controlled output
  • Built-in Metronome
  • Tempo Synced animations
  • Effect Solo Mode
  • iTunes playback
  • Presets Manager (factory & user)
  • Fullscreen Favorite Presets for fast live access

DFX is available for US $3.99 in the App Store.

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