Radiophonic Workshop On The Korg ARP Odyssey

Korg shared this video, which captures highlights from the UK launch of the new Korg ARP Odyssey.

The video features Radiophonic Workshop – a group made up of members of the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The group features original members Peter Howell, Roger Limb, Dick Mills and Paddy Kingsland, along with archivist Mark Ayres and Kieron Pepper (The Prodigy).

In the video, the group does a live musical performance, featuring the new Korg ARP Odyssey. Then Howell shares his thoughts on the original Odyssey, its role at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the new Korg reissue.

The group is introduced by Matt Berry. Berry is probably best known as Douglas Reynholm on The IT Crowd, but he has also been very active as a composer and musician.

2 thoughts on “Radiophonic Workshop On The Korg ARP Odyssey

  1. Quite seriously these guys opened up our ears to synthetic sounds and abstract tones.
    The John Pertwee period Dr Who theme tune was stunning and really did combine some
    ground breaking sounds and rythms. Huge respect owed by those of us turned onto synthesis
    by these guys.

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