ABL3 Computer Bassline A 303 For Reason


AudioRealism Bass Line 3 (ABL3) – an emulation of the classic Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer – is now available as a Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

According to AudioRealism, ABL3 accurately emulates every aspect of the original, ‘from growling basses to hollow middles and beeping highs with metal rattling accents’.

Here’s the ABL3 video intro:


  • Authentic 303 emulation
  • ‘Natural knob response’, scaled to match the original 303
  • Built-in 303/Rebirth style step sequencer with 64 steps
  • Hard sync to the host’s transport
  • Supports 4 patterns of 16 steps, 2 patterns of 32 steps or 1 pattern of 64 steps
  • CV/Gate input to control the sound engine externally
  • CV/Gate output to control other Reason devices from the step sequencer
  • CV Modulation inputs for Tuning, Cut Off, Resonance, Envelope Modulation, Decay and Accent
  • Resonance and Gate Time trimmers that allow tweaking the emulation
  • Three different VCO Models
  • Noise settings for VCA Clicks and VCA Noise
  • Pattern modifiers with Random, Alter, Copy and Paste functions
  • Unique vibrato which is activated by setting UP+DOWN on steps. This effect is one of the few extensions to the 303 that we are launching ABL3 with.
  • Full 48 and 96kHz support, which means the engine uses the full bandwidth of the project setting
  • Step Record mode which allows recording patterns via MIDI or the On-Screen Piano Keys

Here’s a features overview:

Here are the official ABL3 demo songs:

ABL3 is available now for US $69 in the Propellerhead Shop.

4 thoughts on “ABL3 Computer Bassline A 303 For Reason

  1. This should be a no-brainer for Reason users. I’m actually really surprised, given Propellherads’ legacy, that they didn’t make one themselves for Reason. I know they ended up giving away ReBirth, but not they never made a dedicated 303 instrument. I have the ABL2 and it sounds great. In a mix, I bet most people would never be able to tell it apart from the real thing. It sounds a lot better than that AIRA TB-3 abomination to my ears.

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