Roland SH-09 Analog Synthesizer

This video, via perfectcircuitaudio, takes a look at the Roland SH-09 analog synthesizer.

The Roland SH-09 is a vintage synthesizer (1980) that has a fairly simple design, but what it does, it does well.

The SH-09 is a 1 VCO monophonic synth design. Nice features include random LFO wave and CV/Gate control.

If you’ve used the Roland SH-09, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

10 thoughts on “Roland SH-09 Analog Synthesizer

  1. The SH09 is such an under-appreciated synth. The filter is incredible, especially when using the audio in to process external signals (it responds exceptionally well to guitar). The single oscillator is a limitation, but it doesn’t prevent killer Roland bass sounds, and using the audio in (again) and cv/gate with another synth you can stack a fat lot of waves through the filter. You can also get some pretty rad overdrive effects if you run the headphone out into the audio in. I’ll never part with this one.

  2. I have one of these, they sound really good and are quite fun through a delay pedal or reverb. Mine does not get much use however and they can be had for cheap, like $300 or less! I would bet they will be worth more someday but for now, Im keeping mine!

  3. I think I may have had a collector’s item. My first synth was a Roland SH-09. At some point or another I sold it. Not too long ago I bought an SH-09. Something was wrong. After doing a little research I discovered that what I originally had was actually an SH-1 but it was badged SH-09. It definitely said SH-09 on it but it had all the controls and functions of an SH-1. Anyone else ever seen one or maybe I’m just losing it? LOL!

  4. I didn’t realize that this was a vintage synth and thought Roland was just hitting that retro feel right on the nose. They even pre-yellowed the keys!

  5. Sh-09 is brilliant! Incredibly varied range of excellent sounds from a an unassumingly awesome synth. Great basses, superb for leads, and excellent for percussion sounds too. External input is very cool for processing. Still relatively inexpensive especially for what it can do. Always liked it so much more than the 101 and for a fraction of the price. Always felt like I could get very Kraftwerkian sounds out of it. I would totally get another if I saw one.

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