Gibson Buys Deckadance

Deckadance-StantonImage-Line has announced that Gibson has acquired Image-Line’s Deckadance DJ music application and rights.

“Growing Deckadance any further required our expanding into hardware development,” says Image-Line CFO Frank Van Biesen, “which would have diverted attention from our core business of developing FL Studio.”

According to Gibson Brands CEO and Chairman Henry Juszkiewicz, “We have many exciting plans for Stanton, and projects that will rejuvenate the DJ scene in the years to come. Acquiring Deckadance is a huge step forward in that direction.

Image-Line included this message to customers as part of its announcement:

As the sale was a friendly and strategic move for both companies, Image-Line and Gibson will collaborate closely to create the smoothest transition possible. You will receive instructions from us in the near future on how to migrate your Deckadance license and account to the Stanton side of the Gibson equation (under Stanton DJ).

We will continue to host Deckadance 2.43 (and activation keys) on our servers for the foreseeable future, but do encourage you to download and save a copy for your use until Stanton comes on stream.

Gibson has made several acquisitions recently, including the purchase of Cakewalk from Roland in 2013 and its recent purchase of music site Harmony Central.

11 thoughts on “Gibson Buys Deckadance

  1. “…rejuvenate the DJ scene…” Kind of like Al Yankovic rejuvenating the accordion scene. Did you know Jimi Hendrix started out playing the accordion? It is a gateway instrument that only leads to hard rock.

    1. hate hate hate… your life must be sad…

      The DAW makes not the difference the PERSON behind the DAW makes the difference!

      have a nice day 🙂

      1. Yeah, I mean mau5 and Zardonic seem to do pretty well with their stuff. 🙂 I’m an Ableton fan, and with all the stability issues over the years, I’m honestly surprised any track was ever finished with it…

    1. Like when they acquired Oberheim and made a beige Matrix 1000 + other weird instruments with Oberheim brand.
      It doesn’t really make me happy.

  2. There goes another company down the Gibson rathole. Henry J. is practically the caricature of the evil, psychotic CEO. Very little that they purchase ever does better. RIP Oberheim, Opcode, etc, etc. He’d be bankrupt if Gibson Guitars didn’t pretty much sell themselves.

  3. Well sunnova. I haven’t upgraded to the new cakewalk because sonar x3 is already perfect for me, but my stomach hurt when I found out Gibson bought the company. So far it looks like they’ve been doing good with it, lots of tutorial videos and stuff.

    But come on, now you go and buy the one dj software I was starting to get used to?! Leave me alone Gibson, I left the world of electric guitar dreams behind when I sold my Gibson to buy synthesizers, don’t follow me around now!!!

  4. Anyone else wondering why the fire sale immediately following the release of FL12?

    Hard up for cash? Companies usually don’t up and sell without warning unless they are hurting or offered a large amount of money they need.

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