Studio One Updated To Version 3, Here’s What’s New


PreSonus has released Studio One Version 3.0.

Studio One 3 brings new ways to control and mix within the application, as the first DAW to offer a dual platform (Mac and Windows), multi-touch interface.

Rounding out the enhancements, Studio One 3 Professional users now have the freedom to create away from the desk through Studio One Remote for iPad.

Here’s a video intro to Studio One 3:

Full details on Studio One 3 and a demo download are available at the PreSonus site.

27 thoughts on “Studio One Updated To Version 3, Here’s What’s New

  1. Man, there’s a lot of good looking stuff in there. Most of the juiciest bits (to me) highlighted here are in the $399 Pro version only though. With Logic at $200, it’s a hard sell.

  2. OTOH, $400 isn’t a lot to spend if you are a professional and looking for the right DAW. After all, this is your MAIN work environment, not just one VI or one FX plug.

    I noticed the video leaned pretty hard on two VI’s. I was watching carefully for something that looked like a MIDI edit screen. I can tell there’s one in there, but they were perhaps unintentionally avoiding showing it.

    At one point it looked like I was seeing a channel that allowed for some complex split routing of FX. That seemed like a pretty worthwhile feature.

    I’m happy with MOTU DP8 which has best-in-class MIDI editing, along with really good audio tools. Another DAW would really have to top DP’s MIDI editing to make me take notice.

    1. “OTOH, $400 isn’t a lot to spend if you are a professional and looking for the right DAW. After all, this is your MAIN work environment, not just one VI or one FX plug.”

      Totally agree—never used it so I’m not questioning it’s quality:value. I’m saying with Logic Pro (also potentially filling the role of main work environment) priced at $200, it’s an up hill battle.

  3. Looks nice and all, but alot of mixed feelings in the S1 community about this new version.
    I read even no performance increase, against V2.

    Well, i am very happy with Reaper :0)

  4. Very excited about this if only for a prettier interface and scalable mixer. After bouncing around all the major DAW’s, I really like Studio One for its ease of use and lack of bloat. It’s like a modern Logic/Cubase with tons of drag and drop functionality and less of the confusing menus. Melodyne sounds great too, way better than Variaudio. An extra $200, while a little steep, is well worth it over Logic for me. It’s not quite as full featured, though, so serious orchestral composers, for example, probably won’t have all their needs met by it.

    1. Yikes, it just came out the door, I bet the devs were under huge pressures. I hope most people will give them a tiny bit of slack while they sort out the initial issues.

      I’ve had software that’s been out for ages and is loved by millions, which nevertheless conflicted with some rare combination of factors on my own specific setup. And so it was buggy _for me_.

      If you personally don’t have the time or patience to wait and/or put in bug reports, that’s understandable. But a lot of people love this program and this company, so a little patience will pay off for them.

  5. Unfortunately, the new GUI is a total disaster.

    For an uknown (at least to me) reason, they destroyed something, that was one of the S1’s strongest point – readability.

    The new GUI is cluttered and VERY fatiguing. It was far easier to quickly fing something in S1 V2.

    Also… there is no compatibility mode, nor you can’t set the color scheme to even remotely resemble the one from earlier versions.


    1. Well readability is a huge priority of mine. I love my Ableton, but _before_ I did, the thing that brought me to Live in the first place was their completely scaleable, uncluttered interface – readable by me with a large instrument between me and the screen.

      I hope you voice your complaint to Presonus, loud and clear. If they’re smart, they’ll keep useability as a major priority, and adjust to accommodate this need.

    2. There’s a preset that matches the color of V2, along with a lot of other color combinations. Personally, I think the interface is immensely better. Used, even abused, it all day today without a hitch.

      1. No, that preset doesn’t match the V2 color scheme at all. It’s only named ‘V2 Gray’, but it looks totaly different.

        And no – you can’t set the colours to look exactly like in V2. No such an option. Please, check before you post, next time.

      2. Sorry, there is nothing in V3 that looks like V2. V2 had the perfect balance, the look/GUI was light and inspiring. What they did with V3 is a total desaster, they gave up something that was a big reason for using V2: the integration of the user-experience into the digital world.

        For me (my brain => engineer & photoshop-webdesigner for over 16 years) V3 totally fails in this regard, it feels like every other DAW out there (a mixture of Cubase, Logic etc.) Only REAPER gives you the possibility to change (themes like “Imperial” by “White Tie” or the various themes from “Albert-C” etc.) or even redesign the GUI; unfortunately REAPER is doesn´t feel as integral as Studio One V2. For my a vital point, as I´m producing my music 100 % digitally and need a DAW which totally integrates my “senses” …

        V3 doesn´t do or achieve that at all; to call a disgustingly looking scheme “V2 grey” is probably the biggest joke about the new (2D/DPI/scalable/iPad) V3 design.

        1. I have used Studio one from day uno and it is great! I did think the colors were a bit bland til V3’s release however, it isn’t the color scheme of Any DAW that makes a great record, it is the flexibility and adaptability to past, present and future recording techniques (not to mention engineering experience) that will get you there. I think we should give credit where it is due and leave color scheme to G*y LGBLT
          florist and Skittles.
          Good day.

  6. Tried switching from Logic to this, but was not convinced.
    Pretty slow and tedious to use.
    Sounds damn sharp and hyped up.
    As a compositional tool not very inspiring.
    To do quick, generic, homogenous stuff, it does a pretty good job.

  7. Strange, I felt the exactly the same going from Studio One to Logic. IMHO no other DAW can match the workflow of Studio One. But at the same time, I agree with the dude complaining about the new color scheme. Why so grey? But that goes for most of the DAWS

  8. Studio One also requires an extra $79 add-on to be able to use external VST plug-ins. Without that, the user is limited to the five soft synths included with Artist and Pro editions, Kontakt 5, and Reaktor 5. Studio One 2 to 3 upgrade is $49 to $349.

    1. pro has vst support, you only need to purchase the add-on for artist. They basically restructured their offerings to get rid of producer since producer was a huge sweet spot for most. Since you could basically own it for 70$ during sales and it had the majority of the functionality they needed to remove it. So now artist+vst is about the same price that the producer version was with pretty much the same functionality

      Artist is as it always was, an extended demo

  9. The new GUI is amazing – Studio One was the ugliest DAW in the world – but now, the ugly duckling has become a swan and transformed it’s fatiguing, pale and washed-out look into something far superior.

    It amazes me that anyone could be complaining about it… But then, this is the internet, where whinging, whining baby tantrums rule, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all.

    1. You obviously have no experience in generating user-experience or webdesign. The majority of Studio One V2 users were in love whit the GUI because it totally resonanted with their brains (cognitive-emotional resonance). Your brain obviously loves dark 2D-IPad-graphics with no clear and defined borders and clear/light structure.

      Everything was “given” to me (engineer and Photoshop-webdesigner for over 16 years) by V2. V3 totally fails in that regard… But, this is a 100 % individual (conditioning of ones brain) thing, therefore some people may feel like the V2-design was a joke. for me it was the most beautiful (light + inspiring) DAW-GUI on the market (I feel the same for Reveal Sound Spire; Serum, Sylenth1, SynthMaster² & Co. have disgusting GUIs).

      The biggest DAW-GUI-jokes for me are FL Studio (motto: “please don´t use our DAW if your are over 12 years old”) and Ableton (motto: “welcome to our candy-land”).

  10. You like it, but someone else does not. But the role of GUI is not to “be amazing” – first of all it should be practical. A DAW is a tool, after all.

    There should be a legacy mode, letting the user to use the exact V2 color scheme if he/she wants it. Not including it is a huge mistake (look at MS Windows 8 – so many people hated the Metro UI, that at the end Microsoft had to bring back the old desktop in 8.1).

    Look at Adobe – they introduced the dark GUI in Photoshop a few years back, but you still could go to preferences and choose the lighter one. That’s a proper attitude .

    1. Your comment from my point of view (using Photoshop for over 16 years now) is the probably the most exact here.

      a. Yes, the GUI should be secondary. But some cases (100 % digital producers like myself) the GUI is vital and has to fulfill certain criteria. It should be able to integrate your senses into the digital world and inspire you to a certain degree (I know, that inspiration has an infinite amount of possible sources; the DAW-GUI to a certain point has to support me in that regard).

      b. The (long term) user of V2, who eventually made the decision because of it´s superb workflow and GUI shouldn´t be treated like shit by PreSonus (exactly what the did by introducing a pseudo-skinnable – because the all look the same and have the same tendency => dark – GUI)

      c. Adobe for me (as I stated: I used Photoshop from the early days on and am in deep love with everything that Adobe does; well besides the subscription model) stands above everyone in terms of GUI decisions etc. Although you only have four possible GUI-modes (in nearly all CC products), is is absolutely sufficient. Because you have the choice between the YIN and the YANG, the grey/white and grey/black.

      Everything else (candy-shop colors with a dark GUI-fundament like introduced in Studio One V3) is not necessery (from a GUI-design point of view). PreSonus simply didn´t or don´t show any respect for they long-term users; it´s all calculated (motto: “maybe we will lose some V2-users who like/love the old GUI, but will win enough new ones”). Well, good luck with that…

      1. While Reaper is technically very impressive it reeks of programmers making all UI and workflow decisions and not UI/UX specialists. Even though you can skin it and customize a lot, you can still feel this when working with it.

    1. I love REAPER (moslty everything about it besides the factory-GUI), but would never make a (dumb) statement like yours. Self-reflection is a key/vital point (goal) in life. “Try” it…

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